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Welcome to the homepage of the AGK card modelling database. We try to collect all card models published so far worldwide and make them accesable for everyone. Using the following functions you will see a list of publishers, authors, years and so on. With Modell you can get the lists of card models for the selected publisher, author, year ...
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Access to all other details is only possible for registered users. Without registration on the following pages you can only use the function Models. To view the database pages you don't need special requirements.
Please visit the general help page (all help pages in German only) to see a summary of the display options of the information about card models in our database.
Please note: as yet not all entries have been reviewed and compared to original models. Thus we can not guarantee for their correctness.
Last added card model
 Title/coverKleine Stadt M 1966 B (F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG)
  23121 (11.06.2018)
 Title/coverZámek Duchcov (Ivan Zadražil)
  23120 (09.06.2018)
Meine eigene SBB (Schweizerisches Jugendschriftenwerk (SJW))
  23119 (09.06.2018)
L-410 Turbolet Lasersatz (GPM [Kartonowe ABC: MM/YYYY])
  23118 (07.06.2018)
 Title/coverStreet Food Truck (incl.“Pappe für Pänz“ Version) (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23117 (06.06.2018)
 Title/coverPersonenfähre Marienfels (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23116 (06.06.2018)
 Title/coverMondorfer Dampfyacht (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23115 (06.06.2018)
 Title/coverMaK G700C - Lok 3 (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23114 (06.06.2018)
 Title/coverVSS Bonn (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23113 (06.06.2018)
 Title/coverGiesenshof (Mondorfer Herrenkegelclub Kallboys)
  23112 (06.06.2018)

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