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Schiffe der Handelsflotte der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (No. 19578)

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title (from model sheet) Schiffe der Handelsflotte der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
Category: Navigation - Civil (propeller)   cargo ship
Designerinfo    Herbert Thiel (Construction)
Designerinfo    Hans Räde (Painter titlepicture)
Publisherinfo    Junge Welt Verlag [before 1990] (Berlin, DDR)
Bibliograph. data
Year of publication  1969
period of publishing  1961 - 1980 (Wohlstandsepoche, Rückgang Kartonmodellbau)
Publisher/Order no. 69/41
Information about the original
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Typ XD (Serie Rostock)
Other ships in this class Rostock, Quedlinburg, Boizenburg, Altenburg, Naumburg, Blankenburg, Eilenburg, Bernburg, Schwarzburg, Oranienburg, Ronneburg, Meyenburg, Nienburg, Freyburg, Magdeburg, Neubrandenburg
Years of commission of the class 1967 - 1970
Comments Frachter
Ship registered in   DDR
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Serie Frieden (Typ IV)
Other ships in this class Frieden, Freundschaft, Völkerfreunschaft, Solidarität, Dresden, Berlin, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Leipzig, Halle, Schwerin, Gera, Halberstadt, Karl-Marx-Stadt, Sierra Maestra
Years of commission of the class 1957 - 1961
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Fritz Heckert --> Gulf Fantasy
Year(s) of commission of the ship/class 1961
Comments Passagierschiff
Name/Class of ship  Internet URL Kühlschiffe 1966
Other ships in this class Theodor Storm, Theodor Fontane
Years of commission of the class 1966
Comments Frachter
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Typ IX (Serie Lübbenau)
Other ships in this class Lübbenau, Mansfeld, Senftenberg, Trattendorf, Espenhain, Vockerode
Years of commission of the class 1961 - 1963
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Vorwärts <-- Johann Ahrens <-- Grete Cords
Year(s) of commission of the ship/class 1903
Name/Class of ship  Internet URL Typ 840 (Kümo)
Other ships in this class 25 Einheiten
Years of commission of the class 1959 - 1963
Comments Küstenfrachter
Name/Class of ship  Wikipedia Serie Hellerau (Typ 401)
Other ships in this class Hellerau, Zeulenroda, Themar, Oelsa, Karlshorst, Eisenberg
Years of commission of the class 1966 - 1967
Comments Frachter

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