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Samolot szturmowy Ju 87 G-2, Samolot rakietowy Ba 349 "Natter", Pocisk pilotowany Fi 103 "Reichenberg" (No. 408)

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title (from card board) Samolot szturmowy Ju 87 G-2, Samolot rakietowy Ba 349 "Natter", Pocisk pilotowany Fi 103 "Reichenberg"
translation in German Angriffsflugzeug Ju 87 G-2, Lenkbombe Fi 103 "Reichenberg", Raketenflugzeug Ba 349 "Natter"
technical name of the model Lenkbombe Fieseler Fi 103 "Reichenberg"
technical name of the model Raketenflugzeug Bachem Ba 349 "Natter"
Category: Airplanes with piston engine bomber
Category: Aircrafts - other propulsion rockets, bombs
Authorinfo  Wieslaw Baczkowski (Construction + Graphics + Help/Desc.)
Authorinfo  Wieslaw Baczkowski (Painter titlepicture)
Publisherinfo  Maly Modelarz (Warschau, Poland)
Bibliograph. inform.
Year of publication1996
period of publishing  1981 - 2000 (Stagnation Kartonmodellbau)
Issue/Series no. 1996/04-05
Information about the original
Type of aircraft  Wikipedia Ju-87
Manufacturer of aircraft      Wikipedia    Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke (Germany)
Aircraft registered in   Germany (1919 - 1945)
Type of aircraft  Wikipedia V1 - Fi 103 "Reichenberg"
Manufacturer of aircraft      Wikipedia    Fieseler-Werke (Germany)
Aircraft registered in   Germany (1919 - 1945)
Type of aircraft  Wikipedia Ba 349 "Natter"
Manufacturer of aircraft      Wikipedia    Bachem, Erich (Konstrukteur) (Germany)
Aircraft registered in   Germany (1919 - 1945)

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