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Errata and addons

Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus - vol. 8

Right from the start the layout-and-typesetting software "PageMaker" was used for the prepress stage of the AGK magazines. When working on the the article about the publisher MON (Poland) we observed that the program did not render correctly the diacritical marks used in the Polish language. We found that we would have to switch to "Indesign". Unfortunately, converting the layout to Indesign set the layout askew, and we had to re-format and re-align it manually. In the process we made errors – not distorting the core content, but very annoying nevertheless. In addition, some illustration files had been re-linked wrongly. We are sad to say that in the hurry to get the magazine vol. 8 to the printers' we missed some of these late errors. We offer a PDF file (665 kB) for download that contains all corrections and that also has the correct illustrations.

Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus - vol. 16

As a supplement to the article about "Paper Models International (PMI)" the following information: Barbara and Lou Dausse have since passed away, Lou in 2020 and Barbara already in 2018. Here is an appreciation of Lou and Barbara Dausse.


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