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2 Card models from designer Tadeusz Redzynia

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 Title/cover Year: 2014, issue: 2014/25, catalog no.: 410
De Dion Bouton 75mm title (from card board)
Selbstfahrende Flak 75mm aus dem 1. WK technical name of the model
Publisher: GPM [Kartonowe ABC: MM/YYYY] (Poland)
Scale: 1 : 25
info             ID: 22017,  quality: ,  pictures: 6
 Title/cover Year: 2015, issue: 2015/11, catalog no.: 430
75mm Armata Przeciwlotnicza wz.36 title (from card board)
75mm Flugabwehrkanone von 1936 translation in German
Publisher: GPM [Kartonowe ABC: MM/YYYY] (Poland)
Scale: 1 : 25
info             ID: 21997,  quality: ,  pictures: 5


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