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3 Card models from designer Emile André Schefer

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 Title/cover Year: 1987
Locomotive Chapelon type 240.PO-Midi title (from cover)
Publisher: Musée français du Chemin de fer (France)
Scale: 1 : 20
info             ID: 14342,  quality: ,  pictures: 1
 Sheet (1/1 or 1/2 size) Year: year unknown
Gare a Voyageurs title (from a collection)
Publisher: Édition du Pélican Blanc [simple models] (France)
Scale: 1 : 75
info             ID: 5267,  quality: ,  pictures: 1
 Year: 1946, catalog no.: S.93
Automotrice rapide Bugatti title (from cover)
Type "Présidentiel" title (from cover)
Publisher: Édition du Pélican Blanc [simple models] (France)
Scale: 1 : 50
info             ID: 14621,  quality:


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