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ABCspeciál - Vylodění (No. 27060)

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title (from model sheet) ABCspeciál - Vylodění
subtitle 7 velkých modelů a miniboxy z druhé světové války
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ① Dioráma vylodění
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ② Humber-FWD 1:87, skříňova a sanitní verze
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ③ Humber-FWD 1:50, sanitní verze
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ④ Sherman VC Firefly M4A4, štrední tank
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ⑤ US Jeep Willys MB s přívěsem
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ⑥ Lehký tank M5A1 - Stuart VI
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ⑦ Obrněné vozidlo Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma
Names of the individual models in a set/folder ⑧ Vickers Supermarine Spitfire
German translation  ABCspezial - Landung
German translation 7 große Modelle und Minibox-Modelle aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg
German translation ① Diorama Landung
German translation ② Humber-FWD 1:87, Kasten- und Krankenwagen
German translation ③ Humber-FWD 1:50, Krankenwagen
German translation ④ Sherman VC Firefly M4A4, mittlerer Panzer
German translation ⑤ US Jeep Willys MB mit Anhänger
German translation ⑥ Leichter Panzer M5A1 - Stuart VI
German translation ⑦ Panzerwagen Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma
German translation ⑧ Vickers Supermarine Spitfire
Category: Architecture - large/solitaire buildings   military buildings (e. g. fortifications)
Category: Architecture - others   Tent, market stall, ...
Category: Architecture - others   parks, landscape
Category: Vehicles - road   small transporters/busses
Category: Aircraft - other propulsion   balloons, airships
Category: Aircraft - airplanes with piston engines   fighters
Category: Navigation - propeller (navy)   Tender a.o.
Category: Miscellaneous card models I   figures (3D)
Category: Miscellaneous card models I   dioramas
Designerinfo    Ladislav Badalec ((Constr. or Graphics))
Designerinfo    František Sochor ((Constr. or Graphics))
Designerinfo    Michal Dudáš ((Constr. or Graphics))
Designerinfo    Richard Vyškovský ((Constr. or Graphics))
publisherinfo    Ringier Axel Springer CZ [all others (w/o ABC)] (Prag, Czech Republic)
Bibliograph. data
Year of publication  2002
period of publishing  2001 - ... (Current era, internet boom)
Information about the original
Type of aircraft  Wikipedia Supermarine "Spitfire"
Manufacturer of aircraft      Wikipedia    Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Aircraft registered in   United Kingdom
Name/Class of shipZ.Z. nicht ermittelbar
Ship registered in   cannot be determined

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Umschlag „Vylodění“ mit Übersicht des kompletten Dioramen [80g/m²] Bauanleitungsseiten 01 und 16


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