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The model sheets presented here have NOT been produced or re-printed by the AGK (with the exception of the articles under “AGK Publications”). They have been given or left to the AGK (for example as part of an inheritance). This offers are not determined by commercial activity and no new model sheets are actively purchased. The railway model sheets by the designer Albrecht Pirling were kindly given to the AGK by him in order to offer them here as personalized download versions (PDF file to print out yourself).
The condition of the sheets may range from "pristine" (never saw a shop shelf) to "yellowed and torn". If nothing specified, it is an antiquarian offer. The cover may have slight wear mearks or scuffing, but the model is undamaged. For details see the individual offers.

To order models please send an e-mail with the order numbers to

For shipping to Germany the following fees apply (please contact us for shipping abroad):

  • Orders up to EUR 50 of merchandise value (B4 and smaler): EUR 4.00
  • Orders above EUR 50 of merchandise value (B4 and smaler): free
  • Orders up to EUR 100 of merchandise value (larger as B4): EUR 6.00
  • Orders above EUR 100 of merchandise value: free
  • Personalized downloads (made by Albrecht Pirling): free

The models will be shipped after payment has been received. You can pay via PayPal or SEPA bank transaction. According to § 19 UStG we do not charge sales tax (Umsatzsteuer). The models bought remain our property until paid in full. Errors and prior sale excepted.
Please note that the sale is subject to the right of revocation.

AGK Publications
flagge Magazines "On the History of card modeling"Our magazines
flagge Card modelsModels
flagge Books on the history of card modelingBooks
Publishers with many model sheets
flagge Andrzej HalinskiShipping (6 x)Aviation (3 x)Vehicles (1 x)
flagge Betexa ZS, s.r.o.Shipping (3 x)Aviation (4 x)Architecture, nativity scenes (4 x)
flagge GPMShipping (16 x)Aviation (35 x)Vehicles (24 x)Architecture, Figures (17 x)
flagge Hobby-ModelAviation (8 x)
flagge J. F. Schreiber-VerlagShipping (16 x)Aviation (12 x)Vehicles (6 x)Architecture, Fun (17 x)
flagge Jade-Verlag WilhelmshavenShipping (18 x)Aviation (8 x)
flagge JSCShipping (83 x)Vehicles (4 x)Architecture (2 x)
flagge Mały ModelarzShipping (62 x)Aviation (107 x)Vehicles (23 x)
flagge Mitteldeutscher Kartonmodell-VerlagShipping (2 x)Vehicles (3 x)
flagge ModelcardShipping (3 x)Aviation (13 x)Vehicles (19 x)
flagge ModelikShipping (6 x)Aviation (14 x)Vehicles (42 x)
flagge Möwe-Verlag S. WolterShipping (27 x)Aviation (12 x)Vehicles (1 x)Architecture (2 x)
flagge OrlikAviation (8 x)Vehicles (5 x)
flagge Pädagogischer Verlag ... ZürichShipping (3 x)Aviation (5 x)Vehicles (9 x)
flagge Pädagogischer Verlag ... ZürichArchitecture (8 x)Kids (11 x)Christmas (8 x)
flagge P.H GOMIX (Fly Model)Aviation (1 x)Aviation (25 x)Vehicles (20 x)
flagge P.P.H.U "OMIX" (Supermodel)Shipping (1 x)Aviation (13 x)Vehicles (6 x)
flagge P.P.U.H.W. "Answer" (Łukasz Wąwoźny)Shipping (2 x)Aviation (2 x)Vehicles (8 x)
flagge Pro-ModelShipping (3 x)Vehicles (4 x)
flagge Uitgeverij Léon SchuijtShipping (4 x)Aviation (10 x)Fun & Kids (2 x)Architecture (7 x)
flagge Wydawnictwo WAKShipping (1 x)Aviation (3 x)Vehicles (2 x)
Publishers with few model sheets (Germany)
flagge Annette Scholz VerlagVehicles (1 x)
flagge Aue-VerlagShipping, Vehicle, Architecture (4 x)
flagge Benedikt Taschen Verlag / Taco-VerlagArchitecture (4 x)
flagge cfm-VerlagShipping (3 x)
flagge Deutsches SchiffahrtsmuseumShipping (4 x)
flagge Dr. M. Matthiesen & Co. KGShipping (1 x)
flagge fly decoAviation (2 x)
flagge Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag (HMV)Shipping (1 x)
flagge Junge Welt VerlagFun (7 x)
flagge KakibogenAirplane, vehicles for children (1 x)
flagge Lehrmittelinstitut WilhelmshavenShipping, Aviation, Vehicle (4 x)
flagge Münchner BastelbogenAviation (1 x)
flagge Pestalozzi-VerlagArchitecture (24 x)
flagge Reimers ModellbaubogenArchitecture (1 x)
flagge Vorpommern Bastelbögen (VB Verlag)Vehicles (1 x)
flagge Taunus-Verlag
flagge VVA Kommunikation [Hobby Modellbau]Shipping, Vehicle (1 x)
flagge Walter Stute Verlag für DruckschriftenArchitecture (2 x)
flagge Werkmeister PapiermodellbogenArchitecture (1 x)
Publishers with few model sheets (not in Germany and Poland)
flagge 3dpaperAviation (1 x)
flagge AlphakitsAviation (2 x)
flagge CM Card ModelsShipping (1 x)
flagge Dover Publications, Inc.Figures (1 x)
flagge HKMSAviation (1 x)
flagge Josef Schneider Jr.Set up models (3 x)
flagge MakettAviation (1 x)
flagge Metcalfe Models & Toys LtdArchitecture (1 x)
flagge Mini Modell, G. TomsArchitecture, vehicle, spaceship (3 x)
flagge Paperlandmarks (Imants Caklais)Architecture (3 x)
flagge Paper Models International - PMIAviation (3 x)
flagge Perigee Books (G.P. Putnam's Sons)Shipping (1 x)
flagge PK Graphica - nakladatelstvíVehicles (1 x)
flagge Pressfoto CTKVehicles (1 x)
flagge Recortables EVAVehicle, Aviation, Set up models (5 x)
flagge RipperWorksVehicles (1 x)
flagge TarquinChess game (1 x)
flagge Tri Krapki (Три крaпки)Aviation (1 x)
flagge Usborne Publishing u.a.Fun, for children (4 x)
Publishers with few model sheets (Poland)
flagge AjaksShipping + Aviation + Vehicles (5 x)
flagge AlfaAviation (1 x)
flagge CardplaneAviation (1 x)
flagge CardplastAviation (3 x)
flagge Design-ModelAviation + Vehicles (9 x)
flagge Draf ModelShipping + Vehicles (2 x)
flagge Ema 2000Aviation (1 x)
flagge FEJS ModelAviation (1 x)
flagge Graf-Model (Graf-Color)Aviation + Vehicles (3 x)
flagge Gryf-Hobby [Modelfan]Aviation, Vehicles (5 x)
flagge JaroShipping (2 x)
flagge Kartonmodel Nr. 1 / DWGShipping (1 x)
flagge LOTOGRAF Spółka z o.o.Aviation (1 x)
flagge Modelarz KartonowyAviation (1 x)
flagge Modelpol - Sp.Aviation (2 x)
flagge NOWE ModeleAviation (2 x)
flagge Orgboss/Pullman (Mikromodel)Vehicles (3 x)
flagge PHU TomixAviation (2 x)
flagge Profile (Kartonowa-Kolekcja)Aviation (1 x)
flagge P.U.H. "INWOS"Aviation (1 x)
flagge Quest IIShipping + Aviation (6 x)
flagge Spółka "Arsenal"Shipping (1 x)
flagge Swiat ModeliVehicles (1 x)
flagge SzkutnikShipping (1 x)
flagge Tanie HobbyAviation (1 x)
flagge TapajaVehicles (1 x)
flagge WIG Sp. z o.oVehicles (1 x)
flagge WIR (KEL)Aviation (11 x)
flagge Zaklad Polygraficzny "GRAFPIMA"Vehicles (1 x)
flagge ZetkaShipping + Vehicles (2 x)
Model sheets from the publisher Dietmar Börner (Germany) - New items
Architecture models of real-world buildings, sheet size A4 (18 x)Simple architecture models, sheet size A4, color print, short building instructions (5 x)
Postcards scale 1:87 and 1:120 with small buildings for scale model railroad (15 x)Model sheets A4, coloring models (black print on white paper) (7 x)
Model sheets from the designer Albrecht Pirling (Germany) - digital, PDF
Steam locomotives + tenders (95 x)Electric locomotives + railcars (27 x)
Diesel locomotives (18 x)Architecture + tracks etc. (31 x)
Passenger cars (48 x)Freight wagons (40 x)


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