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Нефтеналивное судно "Шексна", Россия, 1914 г. (No. 27505)

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title (from model sheet) Нефтеналивное судно "Шексна", Россия, 1914 г.
German translation Russischer Tanker Scheksna
Category: Navigation - propeller (civilian)   tanker
Designerinfo    Ilja Bondarev (Construction + Graphics)
Designer - other spelling (alias) Ilja Bonderjew „Gaak“
Designer - other spelling (alias) Iljy Bondariew
publisherinfo    Видавництво "Орел" (Херсон [Cherson], Ukraine)
Other publisher name (alias) Издательство "Орёл"
Bibliograph. data
Year of publication  um 2011
period of publishing  2001 - ... (Current era, internet boom)
Name of the series  Zivile Schiffe - гражданский флот
Publisher/Order no. 119
Information about the original
Name/Class of ship!!kleine Einheit
Ship registered in   Soviet Union (1918 - 1991)
Ship registered in   Russian Empire (until 1917)

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