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List of publishers Japan

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ID: 968info1  AG Co. Ldt. (Osaka) 
ID: 1405info24   Canon Inc. (Tokyo) 
ID: 1410info1  City of Nagoya, Public Relations Division 
ID: 1957info59   Facet Corporation (Gifu) 
ID: 167info4  Heibonsha book club (n.n.) 
ID: 1904info2  Kawasaki Kisen K.K. (Tokio) 
ID: 1557info3   Keisuke Saka (Eigenverlag) (unbekannt)) 
ID: 969info1  Kiya Takayasu 
ID: 2099info1  Kohga Communication Products (Yokohama) 
ID: 1342info1  Maki Kinnosuke (Tokyo) 
ID: 970info1  Mori Building Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) 
ID: 169info3  Nishimura Co. Ltd. - West Village Co. Ltd. (Niigata) 
ID: 971info1  Ondorisha Publishers (Tokyo) 
ID: 2126info1   Paper model studio (unbekannt) 
ID: 1800info1   Paper Structure (n.n.) 
ID: 1794info1  ProspektPark Sudio (n.n.) 
ID: 2308info3  Seiko Epson Corporation (Shinjuku - Tokyo) 
ID: 1484info1  Shôkokusha (Tokyo) 
ID: 168info35   Shubunsha Co. Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo) 
ID: 170info2  Soshisha Co. Ltd. (Shibuya-ku Tokyo) 
ID: 1339info2  Tsunashima Kamekichi (Tokyo) 
ID: 1998info1  [ohne Verlagsangabe], Japan (n.n.) 


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