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List of publishers USA

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info9  101 Productions (San Francisco) 
info1  21st Century Graphics (Garden Grove) 
info2  A.H.M. [AHM] 
info2  Addison-Wesley (Reading) 
info1  Archimedia (Seattle) 
info4  Arjinx (Fairfax) 
info4  Bellerophon Books (Santa Barbara) 
info1  Block Island Historical Society 
info4  Bookshelf Models 
info1  C. R. Gibson Comp. (Norwalk) 
info6  Camelot Models 
info1  Capital Models, Savant Associates, Inc. (Silver Spring, Maryland) 
info1  Castle Publications (Cambria) 
info1  Charles Scribner's Sons (New York) 
info6  Civil War Ironclads (Cheshire, CT) 
info3  Clark Britton (Wichita) 
info1  Clever Brothers (Chicago, Illinois) 
info1  Cope‘s Kenilworth No. 25 Cigarette 
info1  D. K. Reif (Amherst) 
info1  Delta 7 Studios (Orange) 
info1  Dep. of Christian Education, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (Englewood) 
Design Associates
----> other spelling (alias): Clark Britton (Wichita)
info1  digital navy (New York) 
info1  Donaldson Brothers (New York) 
info4  Doubleday/Dolphin 
info255  Dover Publications, Inc. [Paper dolls] (Mineola) 
info170   Dover Publications, Inc. [card board models] (Mineola) 
info1   ecardmodels (n.n.) 
info1  EMERET Enterprises, Inc. (Indianapolis) 
info1  F. L. Wright Foundation (Scottsdale) 
info1  F.W.Megow (Philadelphia) 
info56   Fiddler's Green (Apache Junction) 
info1  Florence L. Valentine (Boston) 
info1  G. Milkes (Chicago) 
info24  G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York) 
info1  Gable House and Carton Company (New York) 
info1  GBH Publishing 
info1  Gene Grulich (Tacoma) 
info1   General Electric (Fairfield) 
info1  Golden Press Inc. (New York) 
info7  Gray-Wright Productions (Santa Maria) 
info1  Harpers & Row (New York) 
info1  Harry N. Abrams, Inc (New York) 
info1  Historic Boston Incorporated (Roxbury, MA) 
info1  Houha Models (Vashon Island, Washington) 
info1  J. F. Friedel Co. (Syrakuse) 
info2  John Michael Cook (Unbekannt) 
info1  Kell Alexander Black 
info2  Kellogg's 
info1  Ken L. West (Lake Orion, MI) 
info33  Kenilworth Press (Roxbury) 
info14  Landarte Graphics 
info2  Landmark Creation Inc. (Boca Raton, Florida) 
info1  Landmark House, Publishers (Louisville, Kentucky) 
info10  Landmark Models, Ocko Associates Inc (Brookline Ma.) 
info1  Linea Forma design (Portland) 
info13   Looks Like... Paper Models (Cary, IL) 
info1  Lyceum Books, Publishers (Wilton, Connecticut) 
info1  M. Buehler & Bro (Philadelphia) 
info2   Marilynne K. Roach 
info4  Mc Loughlin Bro's 
info3  Meta Model (Batavia, N.Y.) 
info1  Micromodels USA, DHT Shippy (n.n.) 
info5  Milton Bradley Co. (Springfield, Mass.) 
info64  Monte Enterprises (New Bern) 
Monte Models
----> other spelling (alias): Monte Enterprises (New Bern)
info1  Museum of New Mexico Press (Santa Fe) 
info3  Nabisco (New York) 
----> other spelling (alias): National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Washington)
info1  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Washington) 
National Biscuit Company
----> other spelling (alias): Nabisco (New York)
info14  New Micromodels (Meadow Vista ) 
info1  Old Sturbridge Village by Colonial Models (Baltimore, Maryland) 
info1  Owner's Box 
info1  Paine Publishing Company (Dayton, Ohio) 
info5   Paper Creek Model Works (Frazier Park) 
info1   Paper Models Inc. (San Diego) 
info12  Paper Models International (PMI) (Beaverton (Oregon)) 
info1 (unbekannt) 
info3  Penn Publications Inc. (Ramsey) 
info1  Perception (Ithaca) 
Perigee Books (G.P. Putnam's Sons)
----> other spelling (alias): G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York)
info10  Pioneer Vally Models 
info1  PL, Wallis Rigby (n.n.) 
----> other spelling (alias): Paper Models International (PMI) (Beaverton (Oregon))
info4  R.B. Design Studio (Palos Heights, Illinois) 
info2  R.M. Johnson (New York) 
info1  Rainier National Bank (Seattle) 
info4   Ralph Currell Graphics (n.n.) 
info1  Rand McNally 
info6  Replicating Excellence (Jacksonville, Florida) 
Richard M. Johnson
----> other spelling (alias): R.M. Johnson (New York)
info7  Robert J. Kaelin (Riverhead) 
info1  Schiffer Publ. (West Chester) 
info1  Schocken Books (New York) 
info6  SCI / Space Craft International (Pasadena) 
----> other spelling (alias): SCI / Space Craft International (Pasadena)
info1  Seattle Public Library 
info1  Shakespeare & Company (Llenox, MA) 
info3  Simon & Schuster (New York) 
info1  St. Martin's Griffin (New York) 
info1  The Family Weidhaas (State Collage) 
info3  The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) 
info3   The Online Paper Airplane Museum (Tampa) 
info1  The Pittsburg Dispatch (Pittsburgh) 
The Putnam Publishing Group
----> other spelling (alias): G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York)
info1  Thomas Publications (Gettysburg) 
info2   Thunder Bay Press (San Diego) 
info4  Unicef (New York) 
info4  Unicorn Construction Co. (San Diego) 
info2  Universe Publishing (New York) 
info1  Village Productions Inc. New York 
info9  Watkins (n.n.) 
info5  Western Publishing Company Inc. (Racine, Wisconsin) 
info1  Williamsburg Restoration Inc., Colonial Models (Baltimore) 
info112   Wurlington Brothers Press (Chicago, Illinois) 
Wurlington Press
----> other spelling (alias): Wurlington Brothers Press (Chicago, Illinois)
info2  [ohne Verlagsangabe], USA (n.n.) 


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