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List of publishers United States

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ID: 238info9  101 Productions (San Francisco) 
ID: 1071info1  21st Century Graphics (Garden Grove) 
ID: 895info2  A.H.M. [AHM] 
ID: 896info2  Addison-Wesley (Reading) 
ID: 2402info1  American Art Works (New York) 
ID: 897info1  Archimedia (Seattle) 
ID: 898info4  Arjinx (Fairfax) 
ID: 899info4  Bellerophon Books (Santa Barbara) 
ID: 1072info1  Block Island Historical Society 
ID: 900info4  Bookshelf Models 
ID: 1468info1  C. R. Gibson Comp. (Norwalk) 
ID: 901info6  Camelot Models 
ID: 902info1  Capital Models, Savant Associates, Inc. (Silver Spring, Maryland) 
ID: 903info1  Castle Publications (Cambria) 
ID: 1885info1  Charles Scribner's Sons (New York) 
ID: 2385info1  Chronicle Books LLC (San Francisco) 
ID: 2006info6  Civil War Ironclads (Cheshire, CT) 
ID: 904info3  Clark Britton (Wichita) 
ID: 2445info1  Clarkson Potter Publishers (New York) 
ID: 1215info1  Clever Brothers (Chicago, Illinois) 
ID: 1090info1  Copeβ€˜s Kenilworth No. 25 Cigarette 
ID: 905info1  D. K. Reif (Amherst) 
ID: 1401info1  Delta 7 Studios (Orange) 
ID: 906info1  Dep. of Christian Education, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (Englewood) 
Design Associates
other spelling (alias):Clark Britton (Wichita)
ID: 1527info2  digital navy (New York) 
ID: 1327info1  Donaldson Brothers (New York) 
ID: 1073info5  Doubleday/Dolphin 
ID: 233info169   Dover Publications, Inc. [card board models] (Mineola) 
ID: 2223info255  Dover Publications, Inc. [Paper dolls] (Mineola) 
ID: 1514info1   ecardmodels (n.n.) 
Educational Development Corporation (EDC) (Tulsa)
changed name:Usborne Publishing Ltd. (London)
ID: 2545info1  Electric Corp of America (Chicago) 
ID: 1715info1  EMERET Enterprises, Inc. (Indianapolis) 
ID: 907info1  F. L. Wright Foundation (Scottsdale) 
ID: 924info1  F.W.Megow (Philadelphia) 
ID: 2544info1  Fawcett Publications, Inc. (New York) 
ID: 908info57   Fiddler's Green (Apache Junction) 
ID: 2233info1  Florence L. Valentine (Boston) 
ID: 1482info1  G. Milkes (Chicago) 
ID: 235info22  G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York) 
ID: 910info1  Gable House and Carton Company (New York) 
ID: 909info1  GBH Publishing 
ID: 911info1  Gene Grulich (Tacoma) 
ID: 912info1   General Electric (Fairfield) 
ID: 2489info1   General Mills (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 
ID: 1831info1  Golden Press Inc. (New York) 
ID: 913info7  Gray-Wright Productions (Santa Maria) 
ID: 914info1  Harpers & Row (New York) 
ID: 1494info1  Harry N. Abrams, Inc (New York) 
ID: 2143info1  Historic Boston Incorporated (Roxbury, MA) 
ID: 2548info4 (Hampden Sidney, Virginia) 
ID: 2488info3  Hobby House Press (Cumberland, Maryland) 
ID: 915info1  Houha Models (Vashon Island, Washington) 
ID: 1330info1  J. F. Friedel Co. (Syrakuse) 
ID: 2301info1  James Stanek (Salem, Oregon) 
ID: 1901info2  John Michael Cook (Unbekannt) 
ID: 1074info1  Kell Alexander Black 
ID: 916info2  Kellogg's 
ID: 2177info1  Ken L. West (Lake Orion, MI) 
ID: 237info33  Kenilworth Press (Roxbury) 
King, Larson, McMahon
changed name:Martin P. King & Son (Chicago)
ID: 2335info1   Lake Freighter Minis (St. Clair Shores, Michigan) 
ID: 917info14  Landarte Graphics USA (Freedom) 
ID: 918info2  Landmark Creation Inc. (Boca Raton, Florida) 
ID: 919info1  Landmark House, Publishers (Louisville, Kentucky) 
ID: 920info10  Landmark Models, Ocko Associates Inc (Brookline Ma.) 
ID: 921info1  Linea Forma design (Portland) 
ID: 232info13   Looks Like... Paper Models (Cary, IL) 
ID: 2034info1  Lyceum Books, Publishers (Wilton, Connecticut) 
ID: 2166info1  M. Buehler & Bro (Philadelphia) 
ID: 922info2   Marilynne K. Roach 
ID: 2546info1  Martin P. King & Son (Chicago) 
ID: 923info4  Mc Loughlin Bro's 
ID: 1156info3  Meta Model (Batavia, N.Y.) 
ID: 1779info1  Micromodels USA, DHT Shippy (n.n.) 
ID: 925info5  Milton Bradley Co. (Springfield, Mass.) 
ID: 234info64  Monte Enterprises (New Bern) 
Monte Models
other spelling (alias):Monte Enterprises (New Bern)
ID: 1029info1  Museum of New Mexico Press (Santa Fe) 
ID: 926info3  Nabisco (New York) 
other spelling (alias):National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Washington)
ID: 2108info1  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Washington) 
National Biscuit Company
other spelling (alias):Nabisco (New York)
ID: 1364info14  New Micromodels (Meadow Vista ) 
ID: 927info1  Old Sturbridge Village by Colonial Models (Baltimore, Maryland) 
ID: 928info1  Owner's Box 
ID: 2094info1  Paine Publishing Company (Dayton, Ohio) 
ID: 242info5   Paper Creek Model Works (Frazier Park) 
ID: 1995info1   Paper Models Inc. (San Diego) 
ID: 230info11  Paper Models International (PMI) (Beaverton (Oregon)) 
ID: 2015info1 (unbekannt) 
ID: 929info3  Penn Publications Inc. (Ramsey) 
ID: 930info1  Perceptions (Ithaca, NY) 
Perigee Books (G.P. Putnam's Sons)
other spelling (alias):G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York)
ID: 931info10  Pioneer Vally Models 
ID: 1260info1  PL, Wallis Rigby (n.n.) 
other spelling (alias):Paper Models International (PMI) (Beaverton (Oregon))
ID: 2444info5  Promotional Models (Fraser, Michigan) 
ID: 2080info4  R.B. Design Studio (Palos Heights, Illinois) 
ID: 2086info2  R.M. Johnson (New York) 
ID: 2169info1  Rainier National Bank (Seattle) 
ID: 1402info4   Ralph Currell Graphics (n.n.) 
ID: 932info1  Rand McNally 
ID: 2401info4  Reed & Associates, Inc. (Chicago) 
ID: 2205info6  Replicating Excellence (Jacksonville, Florida) 
Richard M. Johnson
other spelling (alias):R.M. Johnson (New York)
ID: 236info7  Robert J. Kaelin (Riverhead) 
ID: 2494info3  Saf-Flite Models (Roseville) 
ID: 933info1  Schiffer Publ. (West Chester) 
ID: 934info1  Schocken Books (New York) 
ID: 1551info6  SCI / Space Craft International (Pasadena) 
other spelling (alias):SCI / Space Craft International (Pasadena)
ID: 2107info1  Seattle Public Library 
ID: 1886info1  Shakespeare & Company (Llenox, MA) 
ID: 1546info3  Simon & Schuster (New York) 
ID: 1496info1  St. Martin's Griffin (New York) 
ID: 2516info1   Storey Publishing, LLC (North Adams) 
ID: 2428info2  The Boston Globe 
ID: 935info1  The Family Weidhaas (State Collage) 
ID: 936info3  The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) 
ID: 2103info3   The Online Paper Airplane Museum (Tampa) 
ID: 2116info1  The Pittsburg Dispatch (Pittsburgh) 
The Putnam Publishing Group
other spelling (alias):G.P. Putnam's Sons (New York)
ID: 1375info1  Thomas Publications (Gettysburg) 
ID: 1578info2   Thunder Bay Press (San Diego) 
ID: 802info4  Unicef (New York) 
ID: 937info4  Unicorn Construction Co. (San Diego) 
ID: 1782info2  Universe Publishing (New York) 
ID: 1783info1  Village Productions Inc. New York 
ID: 1488info9  Watkins (n.n.) 
ID: 939info5  Western Publishing Company Inc. (Racine, Wisconsin) 
ID: 940info1  Williamsburg Restoration Inc., Colonial Models (Baltimore) 
ID: 941info113   Wurlington Brothers Press (Chicago, Illinois) 
Wurlington Press
other spelling (alias):Wurlington Brothers Press (Chicago, Illinois)
ID: 938info2  [ohne Verlagsangabe], USA (n.n.) 


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