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Help - model detail views

Detail views of models / publishers / designers

The page shows everything the databa knows about the item. The icon lets you navigate to detail information about, for example, the designer and publisher, the icon lets you see lists of items with the same characteristic (all models by this author, this publisher, this category etc.).

If there are images you can get a large view in a new window by clicking the image thumbnail (if JavaScript is enabled you can also view them as a slide show). In the bottom row you can see the history of this record (who created the entry, who updated it and when). After that you see user comments, if any.

At the top of the page there is a row of functions. All items have the icon that lets you edit the item data (if you are logged in).

Detail views of models

The title bars on the model page are colored; the colors correspond to the main category the model belongs to. The following additional function icons may be available:

- Back to the list of models
- Previous model in the list
- Next model in the list
- Mark the model as belonging to your personal "virtual collection" (you must be logged in to use this function). The database keeps track of which models you marked. From the start page you can see all models you marked by clicking My collection. You can also set the "only your own models" filter for searches (filter menu, left side of page). For models in your collection the icon turns into a trash can icon that serves to remove the model from your collection.
- Remember this model. If you remember at least 2 models you can compare them in a side-by-side table view (Compare Models function on the start page). You must be logged in to use this function.
- Search for models with a similar title (name).

Detail views of publishers

Below the details data you see 3 lists:

  • All designers who have published models through this publisher
  • All categories of models this publisher has published
  • All years in which this publisher has published models

Detail views of designers

Below the details data you see 3 lists:

  • All publishers who have published models by this designer
  • All categories of models this designer has published
  • All years in which this designer has published models


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