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Help - Entering model data (1)

With this and the subsequent forms you can enter new models or change existing data. To enter a new model takes 3 steps:

  • Look up the publisher.
  • Enter basic model data (to make sure that you do not create a duplicate entry).
  • Enter all known model data (among others, one designer and one title, see also help page 2).

After the entry has been created you can enter as many additional designers, titles, formats etc. as you wish.

New model entry - Step 1: Look up publisher
The first form asks you to look up the publisher. It is best to use the default search option "part of word" and to enter just a part of the publisher's name to make sure you find the publisher even if you do not know the exact spelling. Uppercase/lowercase spelling does not matter. Click Search for publisher to continue.
You can refine the search by entering the wildcard characters '%' for "any number of unknown characters" (including none) or '_' for "exactly one unknown character". You need to enter at least 5 character (if you use "exact match" search option 2 characters are enough), without counting wildcard characters. You can enter a maximum of 20 characters for the search string.
If the publisher of the model is unknown, click Publisher unknown and continue.
If you are certain that the publisher of the model is not in the database you can proceedimmediately by clicking Add new publisher. Please do this only if you are quite sure that the publisher is not in the database!

New model entry - Step 2: Enter basic data
The next form lets you enter the basic model data. If your search found more than one publisher, you need to select the correct one from the (empty) "Publisher" drop-down menu.
Then enter the title and the category for the model and, if known, the year of publication and the scale. Click the "?" button below for more help about the data entry fields.
Click "Add card model" to proceed; this will trigger a plausibility check. This check takes the data you entered and tries to find the model in the database to avoid duplicate entries. The year of publication is considered with a range of ±10 years (e. g., if you entered '1890' it will look for sheets in the range of 1880 to 1900). The category check is limited to the main category (e. g. if you chose the category 'U-Boote' the check is made against all models in the "Ships" main category). The scale cahecks with a range of  ±5 (e. g. if you entered 1:200, it checks against existing models with a scale of 1:195 to 1:205).

If no sheet was found with this check you will directly proceed to the main data entry form (it has its own help page). If the check finds one or more similar models it shows what it found:

  • If it finds only a few similar models it will show a list of found models. If you still want to enter a new model with the data you entered, click New in the first (yellow) line. You can also compare models by checkmarking them in the "mark" column and then clicking Compare selected models at the bottom of the list. If you find that the model is in fact already in the database you can change or add data by clicking the icon (available in the compare list, top row).
  • If the check find too many matches it only shows short overview data of the models found. Again, your proposal is in the first (Yellow) line, and you can proceed to enter a new model by clicking New. To see more information about models in the list, checkmark one or more likely candidates in the "mark" column and click the Compare selected models. From there you can proceed as above; the Overview list button brings you back to the full list of matches.

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