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Help - Page structure and navigation

Page Structure

All we pages of the AGK are structured into several clearly distinguished areas:

  • General heading, showing the AGK name and some status information (top right corner)
  • Main navigation bar at the top of each page
  • Sub navigation bar (vertical, left) showing dependent functions of the current page
  • A content area in the center
  • An image bar to the right of the page (this bar may be missing if the main content is bulky)

General Heading

On top we have the AGK name, and below that the title of the current page.To the right you have a chooser for the language (German and English, this applies to the page display and, if available, also the content). Below that there is a link to our imprint page. Below you have a link to the login page or, if you are logged in, you see your user name; in the latter case there are additional links to log out or to change your settings. Below that further status information may be visible.

Main (top) and Sub (left) navigation bars

The main (top) navigation bar gives you access to the main functions of the current page and to the AGK database. Depending on the function you choose in the main bar, the items in the left (vertical) navigation bar will change. The links shown there may also lead to sub-pages depending on the context of the current page. The left (vertical) navigation bar may be missing if the main content is bulky.


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