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Help - Entering designer data

In this form you can add a new designer, or change the data for an existing designer entry in the database. Usually the form is used for data correction and enhancement, since new designer data will normally be entered together with model sheet data if necessary.

The minimum inormation that must be given to add a designer are last and first name. If the first name is unknown, replace it by ???? (this is required to enable searches for similar values). If a designer with that exact last and first name is already in the database you will get an error message. However, the form does not check for similar names, so please take care not to make mistakes when entering the names.
Before you add a new designer please check if he/she has not already ben entered into the database. The easiest way to do this is to use the search for designers and look for a characteritsic part of the name.

Hints for other data fields:
These dates must be given in 3 fields in the format DD/MM/JJJJ (day and month: 2 digits each, year: 4 digits). The input will not be accepted unless values for all 3 fields have been entered. Please enter "00" for an unknown month and day; for example, if day and month of a date are unknown, you should enter it like '00'/'00'/'1956'.

Profession, Remarks, Sources:
These are text fields without specific formatting. When you enter values here, please add information about your source. You can add formatting as HTML-style tags, but please use that option with great restraint. Each formatting tag needs a start and end tag. Möglich sind:
<br /> = line break

When you add a designer, only 1 image may be added. Enter the file either as a full URL or use the 'Browse…' button to locate a local file interactively. The file will be copied to our web server when you send the data; depending on file size this may take a few seconds.
The permitted file formats are GIF, JPEG and PNG. The file size must be at least 5 kB and no bigger than 1000 kB. The pixel size of the original file is not limited, but it will automatically be reduced to no more than 1200 px in both width and height after the upload is complete.

Image caption:
Short text only, please. This text will be shown next to the image.


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