The "Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V." (Club for the researching of the history of card board modeling) studies the history of card board modeling from the beginning 500 years ago up to now. Our activities focus on our two databases about card board models and catalogs of publishers and on the annual series "The history of card modeling".

Cardboard model database (18434 Modellbogen)   Catalog database (359 Kataloge)
  We don't know (up to now) how many card board models still exists. But we try hard to collect information about all card board models ever exists in our database. You will be surprised what one can build from paper.     The catalog database contains digital scans of catalogs and price lists of important card board model publishers and dealer from the last 100 years - free to use for everybody.
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Publications of the AGK about card board modeling   About our club
  The club annually publishes one magazine of the series "The history of card board modeling". These 64 pages full colored magazines report on the history of publishers and on their products, on designers and their achievements, and, furthermore, on things to know in the field of card modeling. Also our reprints and download area is located there.     We are a registered and nonprofit approved society from Germany with members from 10 countries. Our primary purpose is the systematic study of the history of card board modeling. Learn more about us and our activities.
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Picture shows and additional information   Hint about this www pages
  This topic points you to slide shows about card board model events (fairs, exhibitions), recent announcements of events, hints about other publications about card board modeling and others.   We are not depending on publishers, revenue from sales promotion or other institutions but we encourage an active cooperation with all producers and publishers. Construction reports from the kit are only considered if they are helpful for another report on a publisher or designer. We are not trying to help modelers to construct their models. There are other platforms in the internet that offer that kind of assistance
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