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Book: From two dimensions to the third

Information about the book

Subtitle: 500 Jahre Bauen mit Karton [500 years of constructing with cardboard]

edited by Dieter Nievergelt and the Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V.

  • Hardback with multicolored cover
  • in German language, with English summaries and full image captions in English
  • 23,5 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
  • 336 pages with many color and b/w illustrations
  • Price: 29,80 EUR (including VAT, plus shipping & handling)
  • ISBN 978-3-87029-346-8
  • Aue-Verlag Möckmühl
  • Publication date: 3rd quarter of 2015

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Additional information

Let us be your guide on an immersive journey through 500 years of the fascinating history of card modeling. Can we rouse your interest in the book with the list of contents and the example pages? All AGK members receive this book for free as part of their membership.
The book recounts the history and promulgation of card models, a product that has been produced in large numbers for 150 years, since 1858 to be precise. If you count precursors like the sundial crucifix of 1529 (that was found by pure chance) we look back on almost 500 years of such paper products – and that history will not end soon if we read the signs right.
Card models always covered an extraordinary range of subjects. They also changed constantly, always adapting to the circumstances of the time and creating an astonishingly true mirror of the same. This makes them quite valuable material for cultural, economical and social history because they are highly instructive as well as illustrative.

A large part of both historical and modern card models is dedicated to architecture; they allow to recreate fictional, but mostly existing (or at least planned) buildings as 3D (more or less exactly) scaled-down paper constructions. The last decades saw technical models becoming prominent in the interest of modelers: ships, land vehicles and airplanes. As their subjects developed with increasing speed, the models followed suit by adopting modern methods of design and production, leading to ever more complex and detailed models.
This publication is the first comprehensive history of card modeling in book form; it presents the results of the long research of the „Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaues (AGK) e.V.“. Follow us on a neatly organized ramble through 500 years of (European) history, seen in the mirror of card modeling!
A second (catalogue) part of the book is a "broadsheet" of illustrations: It sets the 2-dimensional model sheets against the resulting 3-dimensinal models, showing the fascination that emerges from this metamorphosis.

  • Dieter Nievergelt: Zur Geschichte des Modellbaubogens (on the history of card modeling): From broadsheets to paper dolls and toys; the precursors of the mass printed model sheet
  • Axel Huppers,  Dieter Nievergelt: Die Entwicklung in den einzelnen Ländern (the development in different countries)
  • Dieter Nievergelt: Architektur (architecture): the archetypes of architectural card models; architecture of the world represented as card models; designing and constructing architecture card models
  • Volkmar Grobe, Ernst Plattner: Eisenbahn (railway): the development of railroads refelcted in their models; using paper and cardboard in creating railroad models; selected models of railways; railways from 1960 to now
  • Volkmar Grobe: Straßenbahn (tramways): on the history of tramways; card models of tramways
  • Axel Huppers: Automobile (automobiles): on the history of the automobile; history of cardboard car models; on the history of armored vehicles; history of cardboard tank models
  • Karl-Harro Reimers: Luftfahrzeuge (aerial vehicles): an expedition into the history of card models of airplanes and spacecraft
  • Dieter Matysik: Schiffe (ships): history; development of modeling technique; competitions; dioramas; target audience; designing cardboard ship models; publishers; building instructions
  • Walter Ruffler: Mechanische Modelle (mechanical/moving models): on the history of cardboard models that move
  • Dieter Nievergelt: Lampenschirme (lampshades)
  • Axel Huppers: Internetdownloads (downloading card models): origins, present, and future
  • Katharina Siefert: Modelle für Kinder und Jugendliche (models for children and adolescents): card models in education
  • Dieter Nievergelt: Werbung (advertising): advertising consumer products; image building; politics; museum education
  • Dieter Nievergelt: Kartonmodelle bauen (building card models): tools and materials; constructing a model
  • Catalogue: an illustrated presentation of selected card models
  • List of publishers
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