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Help - Entering model data (2)

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New model entry - Step 3: Enter additional data
When you add a new model to the database you only need to enter the mandatory data, i. e. publisher, title and year of publication (of course, the more data you can provide the better it is). When you have created a new model entry (by completing step 2, see previous help page).

If you want to add data (or change existing data) you only need to fill in the fields you want to change; all other fields will remain unchanged. Please note that changing data (or deleting them, see below) will completely replace the existing data! If you want to change only parts of longish text entries we recommend that you first copy the old entry text, then paste it into the data entry field and then start to change the text. See "deleting data entries", below, for help about how to replace existing data by an empty field.

In this form you can only enter 1 value for title, category, Designer, format, museum, new edition, and only 1 image, while you are adding a new model; you can add any number of additional entries for these fields by using the "save and continue" icon (see below). If you are changing an existing model the form will show all entries for that field, and you can again add 1 value (in the highlighted rows); again, use "save and continue" to enter additional values or add more images.
Some fields offer additional help; click the question mark next to the field name.

Done - Save all data
When you are done click the icon (save the data and continue editing) or (save the data and quit editing, sends you back to the detail view of the model). This writes the data to the database. There will be no more plausibility check at this point, so please make sure that your data is correct before saving it. If you did not provide all manadtory data, you will stay on the form and see a (red) error message at the top of the page that indicates what is missing.
In either case you will get a summary of the changes you did (green, top of page).

Other options when entering data

Search for designer:
When you add a new designer to the database you will see your entry in a yellow box (similar to what you see when adding a new publisher). A selection box will show similar designer names to allow you to check for spelling mistakes before you add a new author. Again, this serves to avoid duplicate entries. Select the correct author or click "New designer". You need to select one option and save it, or the designer will not be added. You will also arrive at this selection if the designer entry is considered incomplete or wrong.

Show all changes:
When you added or changed data and save it, you will see a change summary in a green box at the top of the page or in a new tab.

Adding multiple items:
to make it easier to add multiple, similar models there are 2 additional options in the "New model entry" context: and :

  • The first icon lets you enter additional models from the same publisher. After saving, you will be sent back to the "new model" entry form, but the publisher will already be filled in.
  • The second icon helps you to enter multiple models that belong to the same series, i. e. models that share similar data. After saving, you will be sent back to the "new model" entry form, but most data fields will already be filled in (e. g. designer, format, source, scale). Please be very cautious when using this option! You need to check each single field for correctness before saving the data.

What else should you know?
When you added a new model, the lists of designers, publishers, categories etc. will only be re-built in the next night. If you enter a sheet for an exiting publisher you can see it immediately in the list of published models; for new publishers, you need to wait until the next day to see it. You can still find the model by a direct search or through the function 'New card models' or through the "direct access" block on the start page of the database.

Deleting data entries
To delete dropdown/menu-based fields, select 'Delete entry' or (if present) 'unknown' from the list.
To delete free-text field data, enter '#' (hashmark) into the field.


  • When you set the type field of a person to "unknown", only the type is unknown – the person itself will still be "attached" to the model. If you chose "remove designer entry", this one person will no longer be attached to this model (but of course the person entry itself will still remain in the database).
  • Tjis works similarly for formats: 'unknown' as a format choice removes the format designation (A2, A3,...) but does not change the number of sheets. 'Remove complete entry' will remove this format entry for this model, including the number of sheets.
  • If there is only 1 model title you cannot delete it.
  • If a year has been entered you cannot delete it.


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