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Help for adding publisher data

In this form you can add new publishers or edit the data for existing publisher entries (it is actually just 1 form, you can switch between tabs without leaving the editing context or losing data).

The basic rules are the same as those for editing model data.

When adding a new publisher you must at least enter the name (complete name, please enter known abbreviations as a comment), the location and the country. If you do not know the location, enter unbekannt (unknown), this is essential for later fuzzy searches. If you do not know the country, choose unbekannt in the options displayed below. If the publisher name already exists in the database you get an error message. As of now we do not yet check for similar publisher or location names.
Before you add a new publisher entry please check thoroughly whether that publisher is already in the database. We recommend to do a publisher search and enter a typical part of the publisher’s name as the search term.

Tips concerning certain fields:

Name of Publisher/Location

There are 2 fields for each. The 1st is meant to hold the exact original name, including script (Latin, Cyrillic, …) and diacritical signs (e. g. umlauts). The 2nd is meant for a simplified spelling resp. for the transcription into the Latin alphabet.

This is an option field – choose one of the countries from the list. If the desired country is missing please inform the webmaster (see imprint) so he/she can add the country.

Active from/until:
The dates when the publisher began/ceased publishing card models. You need to enter all 3 of day, month (both 2 digits) and year (4 digits). If you do not know the day or month please enter “00”. If you do not enter a valid value for all 3 fields the input will not be accepted.

URL (web “address”):
Enter the web address here or leave the field empty if the publisher has no known web address. Please enter the complete URL, including the 'http://' prefix.

Other products, & history of the publisher, sources, remarks:
These text fields do not require any special formatting. Add information you know (please add the source of the information as well). You may use formatting in the form of HTML tags (please make sure that you enter complete tags, including the terminating tag), but please uset his very sparingly if at all. You may only use these tags:

- line break

If you add a new publisher you can only add 1 image or photo. You can either enter the full local path to the file manually or click ‘Browse’ to open a dialog that allows you to choose a file from your local file system. This image file will be loaded to our server when you send the form. This may take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection.
The server will accept only image files with a type of 'gif', 'jpg' or 'png'. The file size must be at least 5 kB and max. 1000 kB (1 MB). The image size in pixels is not limited, but it will be reduced on upload so that it does not have more than 1200 pixels along any border.

Image Caption:
A short (!) caption that will be displayed near the image. This is optional.

Tab "name changes":
Here you can enter information about name and address changes for the publisher. Please enter them here so you can search for them later (do not use, for example, the remarks field because the search function does not look into remarks). Please do not forget to add the date/year of the change if you know it. Such data are an important tool to evaluate the historical context of the publisher’s history, they add a “time reference” to the other data.


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