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Publications of AGK members

Some publications (books, exhibition catalogs, articles in journals, lectures a.o.) concerning card modeling topics have been published by members of the AGK, both in their capacity as a member of our club and independently. On this page we try to collect all this information.


Books and Exhibition catalogs

Dieter Nievergelt

Architektur aus Papier. Häuser, Kirchen, Monumente: eine Welt im Kleinen
[Paper architecture. Houses, churches, monuments: a world in miniature]
24 x 30 cm, 144 pages, German or French language
many full-color images of card model sheets and built models
Lausanne 2000
Price (former): German edition: 21,99 Euro, French edition: 25,99 Euro, Price: 15,00 Euro

As far as architecture is concerned there is no better book if you want to learn about the history of card modeling and about the most prominent publishers.
The book tells the history of card modeling, according to the latest status of research, from its beginning to now. It points out the connections between fashion, prevailing taste and the choice of model motifs.
It recounts the history of 150 publishers that produced architectural card models and lists the models they produced. It also contains an extensive bibliography about the history of card modeling.
For more information see also this review that appeared in vol. 1 of "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", Scheuer & Strüver 2001.

Barbara Hornberger
Dieter Nievergelt


Hubert Siegmund – Meister des Kartons
[Hubert Siegmund – champion of cardbord]
22 x 20 cm, 88 pages, German language
many full-color images of card model sheets and built models
Scheuer & Strüver, Hamburg 2005
Price: 16,80 Euro

Hubert Siegmund has been the designer at the J.F. Schreiber-Verlag. Companion book for the exhibition 'Hubert Siegmund - Meister des Kartons' held from 25 September to 13 November 2005 in the 'Stadtmuseum Esslingen'. Paperback book containing many black/white as well as color images, showing, among other thingss, card models designed by Hubert Siegmund.

Walter Ruffler


Paper models that move
21.1 x 29.5 cm, 112 pages, English language
Dover Publications Inc, 2011
ISBN-10: 0486477932
ISBN-13: 978-0486477930

This book contains 24 pages that describe the principles of how to design and construct paper automata, and 14 card models so you can construct 8 paper automata and 6 other models. See additional information at  externer link Walter Rufflers news page.



AGK annual magazine 'Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus' ('History of card modeling')


Many articles (in German language) in the AGK annual magazine "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus" ('on the history of card modeling') have been written by members of our association. See the links at the left side for a complete article list for every member author or the overview about the magazine series.



This AGK magazine series reports on the history of publishers and on their products, on designers and their achievements, and generally on "things to know" in the domain of card modeling.



These magazines are reference books of persistent value. Their contents have been carefully investigated and checked referring to card models and original sources, and they reflect the current state of the research.


Illustration captions are given in German and English language, and all articles have an English summary. Each magazine also comes with the reproduction of one historic card model, including explanations about the card model and the original item.



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