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Reprint of "Knirpsenstadt"

Year: 2017
Price: 19,90 EUR (incl. VAT), shipping not included
Publisher: Aue-Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl
Designer: Richard Hambach
Scale: w/o
Editor: Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V.
Size: 4 booklets DIN A4 (16 pages each), cover sheet DIN A4 (4 pages), all together welded in foil
ISBN-No.: 978-3-87029-357-4
The 4 booklets of "Knirpsenstadt" where first published seperately in 1968 and 1969 in "Verlag Rudolf Forkel KG Pössneck" (Germany). These card board model is very fascinating - you can not only build it but also play with it - together with your children. It includes crap and boar games, a quartett and some building where you can produce interessing views while you rotate, drag, or slide it: windows change her contents, a fire truck comes out of his garage or a removal man moves a big box out of the storage room. see here for additional information and some pictures


Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt

Year: 2011
Price: 12,80 EUR
Publisher: Aue-Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl
Author/Designer: Hubert Siegmund, Colors: Terese Siegmund
Scale: 1:300
Editor: Dieter Nievergelt, Winterthur und Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V.
Size: DIN A4 in a cover, 8 sheets
ISBN-No.: 978-3-87029-316-1
Description: A set of 32 cards (size 14,8 × 10,5 cm) with Münster (church), Rathaus (town hall), Schule (school) and 40 different buildings (30 with timber frame construction), 4 towers, 5 town gates, 4 small towers und 3 parts of city wall. You can construct your own individual medieval town.  additional information, pictures, downloads (free of charge)


'Villa Blumenthal' bei Bad Ischl

Year: 2005
Price: 17,90 EUR
Publisher: Scheuer & Strüver
Author/Designer: Hubert Siegmund
Scale 1:87
Sheets: 3
Size: 310 x 430 mm
Card model from the legal estate of Hubert Siegmund. The "Villa Blumenthal" near Bad Ischl was the summer house of Oskar Blumenthal, the librettist of the "Weissen Rössl" ('White horse'). This card model was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Hubert Siegmund - Meister des Kartons, Modellkonstrukteur für den Verlag J.F. Schreiber" ('Hubert Siegmund - Champion of cardboard, Senior designer at J.F. Schreiber publisher') in the town museum Esslingen (September 25th - November 13th 2005).

Chris Craft Futura

Reprint of the Schreiber  model no. 71008 from 1956
Sheets and size: 14 sheets 36 x 43 cm
Scale: 1:20
Author/Designer: Ellhardt Brückner
Year: 2009 (reprint)
Price: 39.90 Euro
Publisher: Aue Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl
ISBN-No.: 978-3-87029-307-9
For additional informationen and more pictures see this special page.



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