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On this page you will find all books published by the AGK, alone or in cooperation with other publishers. Unless noted otherwise all books are in German language only.

In die nächste Dimension - Kartonmodelle aus Neuruppin

Passend zur Ausstellung im Museum Neuruppin „In die nächste Dimension! - Kartonmodelle aus Neuruppin“ haben der Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e. V. und das Museum Neuruppin ein informatives Buch zur Geschichte dieses speziellen Kapitels der Neuruppiner Druckerzeugnisse herausgegeben. Ca. 1000 Modellbogen innerhalb der rund 22000 gedruckten Neuruppiner Motive sind bekannt, ca. 50 typische Vertreter davon aus allen 3 Verlagen werden in diesem Buch vorgestellt.
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Von der Zweiten in die Dritte Dimension - 500 Jahre Bauen mit Karton

"From two dimensions to three – 500 years of building with cardboard"
Editor: Dieter Nievergelt and Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V.
Aue-Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl,  2015
Price: 29,80 EUR
Size: 23,5 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm, 336 pages, illustrated full color and b/w
ISBN-No.: 987-3-87029-346-8
This is the first publication that gives an almost complete overview about the history of card modeling. It makes the results of the long research of the AGK e.V. available to the public in book format. Follow us on an expedition into 500 years of (European) history mirrored in card models. See the table of contents and a preview of some of the pages to become curious for the complete book!
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Reprint: Heinrich Rockstroh: Die Kunst, mancherlei Gegenstände aus Papier zu formen

Reprint: "Die Kunst, mancherlei Gegenstände aus Papier zu formen." "About the art of forming various objects from paper"
Author: Heinrich Rockstroh
Year: 2008 (facsimile reprint of a book published in 1810)
Price: 21,90 EUR
Publisher: Aue Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl
Pages: 104 + 64
Format: 170 x 195 mm
ISBN-No.: 978-3-87029-297-3
Do you like or collect beautiful books, are you a teacher, are you interested in cultural history or do you just want build card models your constructed all by yourself? In all these cases the book by Heinrich Rockstroh "Die Kunst, mancherlei Gegenstände aus Papier zu formen" is for you. This facsimile reprint contains, for the first time, all the content (including all illustrations) of this book published in 1810. In an accompanying 2nd volume you get a transcription of the text into modern typeface, plus an epilogue and remarks by Dieter Nievergelt.
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Exhibition catalogue: 'Hubert Siegmund - Meister des Kartons'

Exhibition catalogue: "Hubert Siegmund - Meister des Kartons" "Hubert Siegmund – A master of the cardboard"
Author: Barbara Hornberger/Dieter Nievergelt
Year: 2005
Price: 16,80 EUR
Publisher: Scheuer & Strüver
Pages: 88
Format: 220 x 270 mm
Hubert Siegmund has been the designer of models for the publisher J.F. Schreiber, Esslingen, for some decades. This is the companion book for the exhibition 'Hubert Siegmund - Meister des Kartons' held from 25 September until 13 November 2005 in the 'Stadtmuseum Esslingen'. Paperback containing many black & white as well as color illustrations that show, among other things, card models constructed by Hubert Siegmund.
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