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List of publishers United Kingdom

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ID: 842info1  1066 models (Bexhill) 
ID: 2496info1   A. C. Pilmer Automatic Music Ltd. (West Yorkshire) 
ID: 1328info1  A.N. Myers & Co. (London) 
ID: 1282info3  Abydos Publishing / Tony Rook [Rook Book] (London) 
ID: 1483info1  Aldeburgh Museum Trust 
other spelling (alias):Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham)
ID: 138info272   Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham) 
ID: 2459info3  Alphakits (????) 
ID: 843info2  AndrΓ© Deutsch Limited (London) 
ID: 2172info1  Andrew Rutherford (Bath) 
ID: 1059info3  Angus & Robertson Publishers (London) 
ID: 148info5   Arcturus Publishing Ltd. (London) 
ID: 845info97  B & G (Wetherby) Ltd. 
ID: 848info1  Bankroft & Co. Ltd. (London) 
ID: 846info24  Bell Model Kits 
ID: 149info93  Bilteezi (London) 
ID: 162info12  Birdmobile (York) 
ID: 847info2  Birn Brothers Ltd. (London) 
ID: 849info1  Blackie and Son Ltd., (London) 
ID: 1186info1   Brian & Lizzie Sanders (Littlebury) 
ID: 159info56   Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol) 
British Printing and Communication Corporation (BPCC) [Mutterfirma]
other spelling (alias):Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
other spelling (alias):Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham)
Builder Plus [B & G]
other spelling (alias):B & G (Wetherby) Ltd.
ID: 850info6  Canterbury Miniature Commercials 
ID: 1870info1  Cawdor Castle Ltd. (Nairn (Scotland)) 
Connor & Butler Ltd. (Colchester)
changed name:Street Level Models (Colchester)
ID: 1650info2  Corgi Classics Ltd. (Leicester) 
ID: 852info1  Coromead Ltd. (London) 
ID: 853info1  Cut it Out Products (St. Ives) 
ID: 1790info2  David Gilbert D.G. Models [Micromodels] (Kinver) 
ID: 1227info1  DH Paper Engineering (London) 
ID: 854info1  Dobson & Crowther (Llangollen) 
Donovan Lloyd Partnership (Ruislip)
changed name:Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
ID: 855info6   Dorling Kindersley (London) 
ID: 145info27  Eduprint (Hornsea) 
Eduprint - The Model Printers
other spelling (alias):Eduprint (Hornsea)
ID: 1775info3  Elro Kit, Elena & Robert Hendry [Alphagraphix] (Rugby) 
ID: 2485info1  Ely Cathedral Publications (Ely, Cambrideshire) 
ID: 1174info63   English Village Designs (Hurst (Reading), Berkshire) 
ID: 2101info1  F.R. Hinkins & Son (Lyndhurst) 
ID: 856info1  Fabbri and Partners (London) 
ID: 1207info7   Flame Tree Publishing (London) 
ID: 157info34   Flying Pig Gallery (Maryport) 
ID: 1469info1  Franklin Watts Ltd. (London) 
ID: 2306info1  Frederick Warne & Co [Penguin Random House] (London) 
Freestone Model Accessories [Nachdruck Prototype Models u.a.] (Witney, Oxfordshire)
changed name:Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler)
ID: 1228info1  Fryer's Kits (London) 
ID: 857info1  G. S. Designs (Kirkcudbright) 
ID: 858info2  Garrod and Lofthouse Ltd. (Crawley) 
ID: 859info4  Geoffrey Stinton (Pulborough) 
ID: 2164info1   Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications (Lewes) 
ID: 2354info18  Helion & Company (Warwick) 
ID: 861info4  Heritage Models (London) 
ID: 143info28   Heritage Models R. Pattenden (Harrow, Middlesex) 
ID: 147HOOTON Airkraft (Liverpool) 
ID: 862info3   Hornby Hobbies Ltd. (Margate (Kent)) 
ID: 137info22  Houses of Scotland (Balmullo) 
Houses of Scotland (Glenrothes Oxon)
changed name:Houses of Scotland (Balmullo)
ID: 139info4  Howard Scenics (Blewbury) 
ID: 1939info1  ILEX (Lewes East Sussex BN7 2NS) 
ID: 864info3  Innovate (Shaftesbury) 
ID: 2146info2  Ivy Press (Lewes) 
ID: 863info1  J.V.Quick (Shoreditch) 
ID: 865info2  James Galt & Co. Ltd. (London) 
James W. Allan
other spelling (alias):Houses of Scotland (Balmullo)
ID: 866info4  Jan Copeman Toys (London) 
ID: 867info1  John Cooke & Sons (London) 
ID: 868info1  John Ronayne (Bath) 
ID: 2302info5  Jonathan Cape [Penguin Random House] (London) 
Joseph Myers & Co.
other spelling (alias):A.N. Myers & Co. (London)
ID: 1830info3  Joseph Myers & Co. (London) 
ID: 2100info1  Kardcraft - N.B. Designs (Patching) 
ID: 1061info1  Kaye & Ward 
ID: 869info4  Kellogg 
ID: 1248info3   Kimmerston Design (North Shields) 
ID: 870info1  Kingfisher Books (London) 
ID: 871info68  Landarte Graphics (London) 
ID: 1574info1  Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund Appeal 
ID: 872info8  Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London) 
Macdonald and Jane's Publishers, Ltd. (London)
changed name:Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
ID: 1281info2  Madoc Design (n.n.) 
ID: 1247info1  Magnus Models (Edinburgh) 
ID: 873info26  Mainstreet Models (Lydney) 
ID: 874info1  Mark Mitchels (Woodbridge) 
ID: 1062info3  Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (London) 
Maxwell Pergamon Publishing Corporation plc [Mutterfirma]
other spelling (alias):Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
ID: 875info10  Melandra Card Models (Glossop) 
ID: 151info51  Messrs. Hamblings (London) 
ID: 1862info36  Messrs. Hamblings/The Engine Shed (London) 
ID: 160info128  Metcalfe Models & Toys Ltd (Skipton) 
ID: 1799info9  Micromodel Distributors (St. Albans (Hertfordshire)) 
ID: 1349info1  Micromodels by Autocraft (London) 
ID: 152info86  Micromodels Ltd. (London) 
ID: 876info20  Modelcraft Ltd. (London) 
ID: 877info8  Modelyard (Witney) 
ID: 1163info2  Novus Publishing Limited (Birmingham) 
ID: 878info3  Oak Tree Models (M. G. Oakenfull) (High Wycombe) 
ID: 2305info1  Orchard Books (London) 
P E M S Butler Limited (Princes Risborough)
changed name:Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
P E M S Butler Limited (Axminster)
changed name:Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
ID: 140info69   Paper Shipwright (Cambridge) 
Paper Shipwright/David Hathaway
other spelling (alias):Paper Shipwright (Cambridge)
ID: 158info1  Paperkraft Models (Pontefract) 
ID: 1259info1  Papersmith (London) 
ID: 1111info19  Parragon Books Ltd. (Bath) 
ID: 303info1   Peco (Devon) 
ID: 1912info1  Pelham Books (London) 
ID: 880info3  Penguin Books (Harmondsworth) 
ID: 881info1  Peter Frost (Bristol) 
ID: 1556info12   Peter Markey (Gellidywyll (Powys)) 
ID: 2451info1   Peter's Paperboys (Mansfield) 
ID: 882info1  Philmar 
ID: 1123info1  Piccadilly Press (London) 
ID: 879info1  Piccolo (London) 
ID: 883info4  Pictprint (Melrose) 
ID: 1431info3  Pireme Publishing Ltd. (Nottingham) 
ID: 153info3  Pollock's Toy Theatres Ltd. (London) 
ID: 1032info1  Polypops Prod. Ltd. (London) 
ID: 142info43  Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler) 
Purnell Book Production Limited [Tochter von BPCC]
other spelling (alias):Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
ID: 884info9  Quaker Oats Ltd. (Southhall (London)) 
ID: 2106info1  Quarto Knows - Chartwell Books (London) 
ID: 1370info1   QuartoChildren's Books Ltd. (London) 
ID: 1941info1  Quickard (Watford) 
ID: 1467info1  R. A. Publishing Co. Ltd. (London) 
ID: 1326info2  R. Macdonald (London) 
ID: 1891Richard Kohnstam Ltd. (Hemel Hempstead) 
Richard Kohnstam Ltd. (Hemel Hempstead)
changed name:B & G (Wetherby) Ltd.
ID: 2476 Rob Ives (Harrogate) 
ID: 1973info1  Rosslyn Chapel Trust (Roslin (Midlothian)) 
ID: 2343info1  Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) (Poole) 
ID: 885info1  Rumbold Gallery 
ID: 144info16  Rupert Chicken (Hereford) 
S. Q. Developments (London, E.C. 2.)
changed name:Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
other spelling (alias):Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (London)
other spelling (alias):Brian & Lizzie Sanders (Littlebury)
ID: 886info1  Sandle Brothers Ltd. (London) 
ID: 887info4  Scout Design Ltd. (Norwich) 
Simon & Schuster International Group
other spelling (alias):Simon & Schuster Young Books (Hemel Hempstead)
ID: 888info5  Simon & Schuster Young Books (Hemel Hempstead) 
Slater's Plastikard Limited [Prototype Models] (Matlock)
changed name:Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler)
ID: 2084info1  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (London) 
ID: 889info5  Stadia Graphics (Edinburgh) 
ID: 890info77  Street Level Models (Colchester) 
ID: 273info63   Tarquin (St Albans (Hertfordshire)) 
ID: 1622info1  Tate Gallery Publishing Ltd. (London) 
ID: 2105info1   Thames & Hudson (London) 
ID: 150info4  The Engine Shed Ltd. (London) 
ID: 891info1  The Friends of St. Georges (Windsor) 
ID: 1884info1  The Leeds Castle Foundation (Maidstone (Kent)) 
ID: 1064info9   The National Trust (Swindon) 
ID: 161info6  The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (Stratford-upon-Avon) 
ID: 1063info1  The Wallace Collection 
ID: 892info5  Thurman Publishing Ltd. (London) 
ID: 311info1   Ticktock (Tunbridge Wells Kent) 
ID: 893info1  Tobar Ltd. (Harleston) 
ID: 1112info2  Transworld/Doubleday (London) 
ID: 1708info1  Traplet Publications Ltd, (Malvern) 
ID: 366info1  Tuppence Coloured 
ID: 1246info11  Unilever (RINSO Waschmittel) (n.n.) 
ID: 146info68   Usborne Publishing Ltd. (London) 
ID: 1899info1  Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood (London) 
ID: 894info6  Weald and Downland Open Air Museum (Singleton) 
ID: 1701info1  Wells Cathedral Publications Ltd, 
ID: 1855info2  Welsh Folk Museum (St. Fagans) 
ID: 2353info1  William Collins Sons & Co Ltd (Glasgow) 
ID: 860info5  William Heinemann Ltd (London) 
ID: 1060info6  [ohne Verlagsangabe], Grossbritannien (n.n.) 


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