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List of publishers United Kingdom

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info1  1066 models (Bexhill) 
info1  A.N. Myers & Co. (London) 
info3  Abydos Publishing / Tony Rook [Rook Book] (London) 
info1  Aldeburgh Museum Trust 
----> other spelling (alias): Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham)
info272  Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham) 
info2  André Deutsch Limited (London) 
info1  Andrew Rutherford (Bath) 
info3  Angus & Robertson Publishers (London) 
info5   Arcturus Publishing Ltd. (London) 
info97  B & G (Wetherby) Ltd. 
info1  Bankroft & Co. Ltd. (London) 
info24  Bell Model Kits 
info93  Bilteezi (London) 
info11  Birdmobile (York) 
info2  Birn Brothers Ltd. (London) 
info1  Blackie and Son Ltd., (London) 
info1   Brian & Lizzie Sanders (Littlebury) 
info56   Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol) 
British Printing and Communication Corporation (BPCC) [Mutterfirma]
----> other spelling (alias): Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
----> other spelling (alias): Alphagraphix - Precision Card Kits (Birmingham)
Builder Plus [B & G]
----> other spelling (alias): B & G (Wetherby) Ltd.
info6  Canterbury Miniature Commercials 
info1  Cawdor Castle Ltd. (Nairn (Scotland)) 
Connor & Butler Ltd. (Colchester)
------> changed name: Street Level Models (Colchester)
info2  Corgi Classics Ltd. (Leicester) 
info1  Coromead Ltd. (London) 
info1  Cut it Out Products (St. Ives) 
info2  David Gilbert D.G. Models [Micromodels] (Kinver) 
info1  DH Paper Engineering (London) 
info1  Dobson & Crowther (Llangollen) 
Donovan Lloyd Partnership (Ruislip)
------> changed name: Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
info6   Dorling Kindersley (London) 
info27  Eduprint (Hornsea) 
Eduprint - The Model Printers
----> other spelling (alias): Eduprint (Hornsea)
info3  Elro Kit, Elena & Robert Hendry [Alphagraphix] (Rugby) 
info63   English Village Designs (Hurst (Reading), Berkshire) 
info1  F.R. Hinkins & Son (Lyndhurst) 
info1  Fabbri and Partners (London) 
info7   Flame Tree Publishing (London) 
info33   Flying Pig Gallery (Maryport) 
info1  Franklin Watts Ltd. (London) 
info1  Frederick Warne & Co [Penguin Random House] (London) 
Freestone Model Accessories [Nachdruck Prototype Models u.a.] (Witney, Oxfordshire)
------> changed name: Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler)
info1  Fryer's Kits (London) 
info1  G. S. Designs (Kirkcudbright) 
info2  Garrod and Lofthouse Ltd. (Crawley) 
info4  Geoffrey Stinton (Pulborough) 
info1   Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications (Lewes) 
info18  Helion & Company (Warwick) 
info4  Heritage Models (London) 
info27   Heritage Models R. Pattenden (Harrow, Middlesex) 
HOOTON Airkraft (Liverpool) 
info3   Hornby Hobbies Ltd. (Margate (Kent)) 
info22  Houses of Scotland (Balmullo) 
Houses of Scotland (Glenrothes Oxon)
------> changed name: Houses of Scotland (Balmullo)
info4  Howard Scenics (Blewbury) 
info1  ILEX (Lewes East Sussex BN7 2NS) 
info3  Innovate (Shaftesbury) 
info1  Ivy Press (Lewes) 
info1  J.V.Quick (Shoreditch) 
info2  James Galt & Co. Ltd. (London) 
James W. Allan
----> other spelling (alias): Houses of Scotland (Balmullo)
info4  Jan Copeman Toys (London) 
info1  John Cooke & Sons (London) 
info1  John Ronayne (Bath) 
info5  Jonathan Cape [Penguin Random House] (London) 
Joseph Myers & Co.
----> other spelling (alias): A.N. Myers & Co. (London)
info3  Joseph Myers & Co. (London) 
info1  Kardcraft - N.B. Designs (Patching) 
info1  Kaye & Ward 
info4  Kellogg 
info3   Kimmerston Design (North Shields) 
info1  Kingfisher Books (London) 
info68  Landarte Graphics (London) 
info1  Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund Appeal 
info8  Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London) 
Macdonald and Jane's Publishers, Ltd. (London)
------> changed name: Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
info2  Madoc Design (n.n.) 
info1  Magnus Models (Edinburgh) 
info26  Mainstreet Models (Lydney) 
info1  Mark Mitchels (Woodbridge) 
info3  Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (London) 
Maxwell Pergamon Publishing Corporation plc [Mutterfirma]
----> other spelling (alias): Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
info10  Melandra Card Models (Glossop) 
info51  Messrs. Hamblings (London) 
info36  Messrs. Hamblings/The Engine Shed (London) 
info134  Metcalfe Models & Toys Ltd (Skipton) 
info9  Micromodel Distributors (St. Albans (Hertfordshire)) 
info1  Micromodels by Autocraft (London) 
info86  Micromodels Ltd. (London) 
info16  Modelcraft Ltd. (London) 
info8  Modelyard (Witney) 
info2  Novus Publishing Limited (Birmingham) 
info3  Oak Tree Models (M. G. Oakenfull) (High Wycombe) 
info1  Orchard Books (London) 
P E M S Butler Limited (Princes Risborough)
------> changed name: Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
P E M S Butler Limited (Axminster)
------> changed name: Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
info69   Paper Shipwright (Cambridge) 
Paper Shipwright/David Hathaway
----> other spelling (alias): Paper Shipwright (Cambridge)
info1  Paperkraft Models (Pontefract) 
info1  Papersmith (London) 
info19  Parragon Books Ltd. (Bath) 
info1   Peco (Devon) 
info1  Pelham Books (London) 
info3  Penguin Books (Harmondsworth) 
info1  Peter Frost (Bristol) 
info12   Peter Markey (Gellidywyll (Powys)) 
info1  Philmar 
info1  Piccadilly Press (London) 
info1  Piccolo (London) 
info4  Pictprint (Melrose) 
info3  Pireme Publishing Ltd. (Nottingham) 
info3  Pollock's Toy Theatres Ltd. (London) 
info1  Polypops Prod. Ltd. (London) 
info43  Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler) 
Purnell Book Production Limited [Tochter von BPCC]
----> other spelling (alias): Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd (London)
info9  Quaker Oats Ltd. (Southhall (London)) 
info1  Quarto Knows - Chartwell Books (London) 
info1   QuartoChildren's Books Ltd. (London) 
info1  Quickard (Watford) 
info1  R. A. Publishing Co. Ltd. (London) 
info2  R. Macdonald (London) 
Richard Kohnstam Ltd. (Hemel Hempstead) 
Richard Kohnstam Ltd. (Hemel Hempstead)
------> changed name: B & G (Wetherby) Ltd.
info1  Rosslyn Chapel Trust (Roslin (Midlothian)) 
info1  Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) (Poole) 
info1  Rumbold Gallery 
info16  Rupert Chicken (Hereford) 
S. Q. Developments (London, E.C. 2.)
------> changed name: Brickwall Works Ltd [Superquick] (Bristol)
----> other spelling (alias): Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (London)
----> other spelling (alias): Brian & Lizzie Sanders (Littlebury)
info1  Sandle Brothers Ltd. (London) 
info4  Scout Design Ltd. (Norwich) 
Simon & Schuster International Group
----> other spelling (alias): Simon & Schuster Young Books (Hemel Hempstead)
info5  Simon & Schuster Young Books (Hemel Hempstead) 
Slater's Plastikard Limited [Prototype Models] (Matlock)
------> changed name: Prototype Models (Cropwell Butler)
info1  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (London) 
info5  Stadia Graphics (Edinburgh) 
info77  Street Level Models (Colchester) 
info63   Tarquin (St Albans (Hertfordshire)) 
info1  Tate Gallery Publishing Ltd. (London) 
info1   Thames & Hudson (London) 
info4  The Engine Shed Ltd. (London) 
info1  The Friends of St. Georges (Windsor) 
info1  The Leeds Castle Foundation (Maidstone (Kent)) 
info9   The National Trust (Swindon) 
info6  The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (Stratford-upon-Avon) 
info1  The Wallace Collection 
info5  Thurman Publishing Ltd. (London) 
info1   Ticktock (Tunbridge Wells Kent) 
info1  Tobar Ltd. (Harleston) 
info2  Transworld/Doubleday (London) 
info1  Traplet Publications Ltd, (Malvern) 
info1  Tuppence Coloured 
info11  Unilever (RINSO Waschmittel) (n.n.) 
info67   Usborne Publishing Ltd. (London) 
info1  Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood (London) 
info6  Weald and Downland Open Air Museum (Singleton) 
info1  Wells Cathedral Publications Ltd, 
info2  Welsh Folk Museum (St. Fagans) 
info1  William Collins Sons & Co Ltd (Glasgow) 
info5  William Heinemann Ltd (London) 
info6  [ohne Verlagsangabe], Grossbritannien (n.n.) 


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