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Kronprinzessin Cecilie - Card Model Download

Built by: Helmut Harm, Photos: Heiko Schinke

Built by and photos by: Ondřej Sedláček. His great-grandfather (third from the right) was returning from Vladivostok on this ship as a Czech legionnaire - he fought in the First World War for an independent republic.
Information and Download
Title: Doppelschrauben-Schnelldampfer "Kronprinzessin Cecilie" [twin-screw fast steamship]
Modellierbogen Nr. 552 - 561
Publisher: J.F.Schreiber-Verlag, Esslingen
Year: 1910
Printing: Zincograph, 5 colors
Size: 10 sheets 36 x 43 cm
Scale: 1:200
Designer: probably Bruno Holz
Model size: length 107 cm, width 22 cm

For further information see the article about this model by Francesc d’Assis López Sala. The article appeared in: "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 10, 2010, page 25 (1st page of the articles as an example).
Hints for printing
  • Printing instructions: Use thin cardboard of about 160 - 220 g/cm2.
  • Choose the option "Scale to fit / fill entire paper" to get these scales:
  • Printing on A4: Scale approx. 1:360, model length approx. 59 cm
  • Printing on A4: Scale approx. 1:250, model length approx. 86 cm

Download of the model sheets

Download instructions (original) PDF, 1 MB

Download instructions (German, transcripted) PDF, 0.1 MB

Download instructions (English) PDF, 0.1 MB

Download all sheets PDF, 4 MB, one file, low resolution

Download sheet 1 TIF, 8 MB

Download sheet 2 TIF, 8 MB

Download sheet 3 TIF, 9 MB

Download sheet 4 TIF, 7 MB

Download sheet 5 TIF, 9 MB

Download sheet 6 TIF, 9 MB

Download sheet 7 TIF, 8 MB

Download sheet 8 TIF, 10 MB

Download sheet 9 TIF, 8 MB

Download sheet 10 TIF, 9 MB


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