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Linienschiff (battleship, JFS 768, 1915) – Download


Design changes, model construction
and photos: Wolfgang Holzinger

Information and Download
Title: Linienschiff (battleship, JFS 768)
Publisher: J.F.Schreiber-Verlag, Esslingen, 1915?
Scale: none
Sheet size: 1 model sheet 37 x 44 cm
Model size: 37 cm (if printed on A3)

Information about the reconstruction and printing

  • The only available scans of the original model sheets have a size of just 2000 x 1546 pixels. This is too small for a decent reproduction.
  • Therefore Mr. Holzinger has reconstructed the model sheet and improved it; see the details below. The new image files have a size of 4960 x 3508 pixels, which is enough to print it on DIN/ISO A3 paper with a resolution of about 300 dpi.
  • For best results you should print the model sheet on thin cardboard of 160 to 220 g/cm2.


Download original sheet PNG, 8,6 MB

Download sheet 1 (PNG, 12,8 MB)

Download sheet 2 (PNG, 11,5 MB)

Download sheet 2a PNG, 11.7 MB

Download sheet 3 (PNG, 5,4 MB)
Information about this model (Wolfgang Holzinger)
What about the original?
This is a relatively simple model, but still it can clearly be attributed to the German Imperial Navy. There were 2 types of ships with 2 funnels and 6 twin turrets in hexagonal setup: The armored cruiser Blücher, and the battleships of the Nassau class. Since the model is explicitly called "ship of the line" (battleship) it will probably be a schematic representation of a Nassau class ship. This is also suggested by the more or less correct presentation of the casemate guns. However, as early as 1911 a 6-sheet, well-detailed model had been published that was called "D. Linienschiff 'Nassau' v. d. ersten Dreadnought-Division" (German battleship ‘Nassau’ of the 1st Dreadnought division, model no. 574-582).

Model design
In the area of the superstructure the deck has been designed so that you can remove this complete section, resulting in an open hull. We do not know why the designer chose this design, in particular because the deck is not flat and leaves gaps even if it is constructed very carefully. Therefore I recommend to simply glue the middle section to the hull; then it should fit. There is one very interesting design detail: Both funnels and masts penetrate the superstructure and thus give additional stability.

To facilitate printing, the model was digitally reconstructed to a great extent. The strongly yellowed original scan was “bleached” and completely re-colored; the color scheme is based on the model of the "Panzerschiff (ironclad) Kaiser Wilhelm II" that was presented and provided for download in this forum some years ago by Thomas Pleiner. I distributed the model parts to 2.5 sheets and slightly enlarged the model (to a resulting model length of 37 cm when printed on A3). In addition, parts were added to make the barbette of the main turrets movable (the additional parts and instructions are on sheet 3). Sheet 2 is available in two versions: One with the original parts, and one with insert parts for 3D-modeled casemate openings, based on the printed casemate guns, so that the gun barrels do not simply and astonishingly stick out from a plain, closed hull.

We sincerely thank Mr. Thomas Gauger of Aue-Verlag who kindly allowed us to reproduce this model and make it available for download.


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