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Seenot-Rettungskreuzer "Bremen" (lifeboat, JFS 07781-07783, 1957) – Download

1st prize at the "Modellbau Awards" of vth-Verlag 2020
The model of the 'Seenot-Rettungskreuzer "Bremen"' built by Axel Huppers was chosen by the readers of the "Modellwerft" from vth-Verlag in 2020 for a 1st prize at the "Modellbau Awards". This award is not only an appreciation of the model maker alone, but is also a recognition for the work of AGK e.V. and Aue-Verlag as publisher or former publisher. The joint performance in the sense of cardboard model making is thus rewarded. The AGK congratulates Axel Huppers very warmly on this award, because undoubtedly a perfectly built model with the right description (see the article in issue 2/2019 of the magazine "ModellWerft", download here) is more attractive than a WWW page...


Model built and photographed by Axel Huppers
Photo of the original ship, 2014: source Wikipedia

Information and Download
Title: Seenot-Rettungskreuzer "Bremen" (lifeboat, JFS 07781 - 07783)
Publisher: J.F.Schreiber-Verlag, Esslingen, 1957
Scale: 1:60 (according to description and true for the hull, the deckhouse and equipment scale is 1:50)
Printing process: Offset
Sheet size: 3 Model sheet 36 x 43 cm, including 1/2 shett of instructions
Model length: approx. 29 cm

Information about image resolution and printing

  • All model sheets have an image size of 6720 x 5680 pixels. Printed on DIN/ISO A3 paper this equals a resolution of 500 dpi and a resulting scale of approx. 1:75 (hull) to 1:60 (deckhouse).
  • The model sheets have been reproduced as they are, without changes.
  • We recommend to print the model sheets on thin cardboard of 160 to 220 g/cm2.
  • Further information about the model and its construction: Article by Axel Huppers in vol. 2/2019 of the "ModellWerft" magazine. We thank the editors of that magazine for their friendly permission to use their article.


Download model sheets (PDF) all 3 sheets, 10.3 MB
Download sheet 1 (TIF, 56,7 MB)

Download sheet 2 (TIF, 52,9 MB)

Download sheet 3 (TIF, 115,3 MB)
Download sheet 1 (JPG, 8,9 MB)

Download sheet 2 (JPG, 8,7 MB)

Download sheet 3 (JPG, 19,4 MB)
More information about this model (Axel Huppers)
The experimental lifeboat "Bremen"
The ship was originally built as a motor lifeboat in Bremen-Vegesack and put into service in 1931 under the name „Konsul Kleyenstüber“. De-commissioned in 1949, it was extensively modified in 1953. The target was to find out whether or how far the new concept of a large lifeboat with a piggyback tender (small motor lifeboat) was feasible, which explains the designation "experimental lifeboat". The concept worked out very well and became the base for a new generation of “cruiser” lifeboats. Current plans are to re-convert the boat, as far as possible, to its 1953 to 1964 status and to make it accessible as a museum ship. For details of this project see the project website.

The card model of the "Bremen"
The designer of this model is unknown; it is certain that it was not Hubert Siegmund, who later became a legend as chief designer for the publisher J. F. Schreiber. Die original size of the 3 model sheets was 36,0 x 43,0 cm, the scale is given as 1:60. While building the model it turned out that this scale is correct as far as the hull is concerned, but not for the deckhouse and deck installations; their scale is closer to 1:50. The model design has some difficult or flawed points. You can find a complete building report in vol. 2/2019 of the "ModellWerft" magazine which also gives more detailed information about the original ship. You can read this article from "ModellWerft" here. We thank the editors of the "ModellWerft" magazine for their kind permission to make this article available to us.

The model sheets of this model have been digitized as early as 2009 because a reprint was planned. However, the scale and size turned out to be impractical measured by today’s expectations, but it was decided to make this model, as an exemplary representative of its time, available for download. Mr. Thomas Gauger of Aue-Verlag gave his kind permission to make the model available here. We sincerely thank him for that.


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