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Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig - Card Model Download

Built by: Peter Wolfrum, Photos: Heiko Schinke
Information and Download
Title: Das Völkerschlachtdenkmal zu Leipzig [The monument to the battle of the nations]
Bogen-Nr. M 179
Publisher: probably Julius Bagel, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Year: approx. end of 1912
Size: 9 sheets, 44,5 x 35,5 cm
Printing: Multicolored zincography
Designer: Bruno Holz

The AGK published this model on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the "Völkerschlacht" (battle of nations) and the 100th anniversary of the monument itself in 2013.
We thank the Stadtarchiv (town archive) Holzminden for scanning the original model sheets for us (Inventory No. 1997/99). Please note that the model was published before the monument was completed, it shows the "as designed" status of November 1912.
Please consider this before starting to build

The built model looks attractive (the color is the same as at the original after the recent cleaning), but to build it is not a task for beginners because here are some design errors in the model.
At some places the scoring lines and the gluing tabs are nor marked correctly – experienced modelers will notice this and will be able to correct the mistakes themselves. More problematic is the fact that there is no structural framework: The complete tower and cupola assembly rests exclusively on the large, 4-step half-landings. And they are the main problem: It must be assembled without an inner framework that would provide both structural stability and exact guiodelines for folding and gluing the pedestal. As ist is, it is almost impossible to built the steps parallel to each other and without sagging. The stairs (part 17) are missing the lowermost step on both sides of the monument (the continuations of parts 21 and 22, the problem is also evident looking on part 18a).
Printing instructions
  • Use thin cardboard of about 160 - 220 g/cm2.
  • Choose the option "Scale to fit / fill entire paper".
  • Print to A4: Scale approx. 1:360, model size ~ 59 cm
  • Print to A3: Scale approx. 1:250, model size ~ 86 cm


Download instructions JPG, 2.4 MB

Download sheet 1 JPG, 11,3 MB

Download sheet 2 JPG, 18,7 MB

Download sheet 3 JPG, 12.0 MB

Download sheet 4 JPG, 18,0 MB

Download sheet 5 JPG, 15,9 MB

Download sheet 6 JPG, 16,2 MB

Download sheet 7 JPG, 16,7 MB

Download sheet 8 JPG, 17,1 MB

Download sheet 9 JPG, 13,4 MB


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