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Book: 100 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen

Front cover of the book
Front cover
Information about the book

100 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen: Die letzten 10 Jahre (2010 - 2019)
(100 years of Swiss card models – the recent 10 years)

Editor: Dieter Nievergelt on behalf of the “Stiftung Pädagogischer Verlag der Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Zürich”
Size: 22,5 x 27,6 cm, paperback
Volume: 64 pages, with many colour and b&w illustrations
Published: 2019
Price: EUR 12,80 (inside Germany, including VAT)
Publisher: Aue Verlag GmbH, Möckmühl
ISBN: 978-3-87029-373-4

This book is a continuation of “90 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen” (90 years of Swiss card models), published in 2009 (see box to the right). This book is available for EUR 17.00 (Germany only) or EUR 20.00 (worldwide, incl. porto an handling). Please order here.

For more information about the card models of the “Stiftung Pädagogischer Verlag der Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Zürich” see

90 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen
Front cover of the book “90 Jahre”
About this book

In 2019 the foundation Pädagogischer Verlag der Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Zürich (formerly: Pädagogischer Verlag des Lehrerinnen- und Lehrervereins Zürich) celebrates its 100th anniversary. It all began in 1919 with the primary school teacher and idealist Edwin Morf from Zurich. The foundation started out small and against adverse circumstances; meanwhile it has developed into a large institution that sold, in its heyday, more than 600.000 items per year to Swiss pupils. Until 2013 the publishing company was owned by the Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerverein Zürich. Today it is an independent charitable trust, but now as then the enterprise is committed to the high educational standards of its founder and is managed by teachers who do the work on a honorary and part-time base. The main goal is not profit but just covering the cost, which in turn leads to very reasonable pricing.

This year’s book continues the 2009 book “90 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen (and its editor is again Dieter Nievergelt); it follows up by illustrating the 10 latest years in the history of the enterprise. It also gives a summary of the complete history that is told in detail in the earlier book. The book offers a complete catalogue of all 213 current and former items published, complete with year of publication, author, bibliographic details as well as printer and printing method. It closes with an index that makes it easy to locate the product descriptions in both books.

In our fast-changing world it is something special in itself that a publishing company lives for 100 years. But having the publisher itself tell its story in a book and in detail, and to give a full and complete list of all its publications, is not just special, it is unique.

Summary of the content

Rolf Arnold Müller

  • About the history of the Pädagogischer Verlag (1919-2009)
  • 2009 anniversary: Publication of the book “90 Jahre Schweizer Modellbogen”
  • 2009 anniversary: The Contest
  • Founding the trust
  • Moving the warehouse and the dispatch room twice
  • Course of business and expectations for the future
  • The designers and graphics artists of the Pädagogischer Verlag (2010-2019)
Dieter Nievergelt
  • Punching and grooving instead of cutting and scoring


  • Catalogue of all models published since 2010
  • List of all models and workbooks published over 100 years
Excerpt – page 21
Excerpt – page 21
Excerpt – page 56
Excerpt – page 56


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