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Hafenschlepper "Fairplay" (JFS 71251, 1965)

Download 6 sheets 'Fairplay' and 18 sheets with supplementary parts

Fairplay won 2nd price at ModellWerft-Kompass 2022
The model of the harbour tug "Failplay", built by Rudolf Voigt, was voted to 2nd place by the readers of the "ModellWerft" magazine in the 2022 "Modellbau Awards" competition.
It was a long way that lead to claiming this award: In 1995 Axel Huppers managed to obtain an original print of the "Fairplay" model sheets. Considering the sheet size, a simple reprint was out of the question, so the AGK decided in 2017 to make scans of the model sheets available as a free download. Rudolf Voigt and Jürgen Rathert worked together to design the add-on parts that were missing on the original sheets and added parts of their own, based on photos of the original ship. In 2020 these parts have also been made available for download on the AGK website. In the September 2021 edition the ModellWerft published an article by Rudolf Voigt about his experiences in designing and building this model.
The awarding ceremony took place on Thursday, 22 June 2022 in Baden-Baden. Axel Huppers and Rudolf Voigt were representing the AGK on this occasion, and to our delight the “Fairplay” model achieved the 2nd price, beaten only by a plastic model by Revell. A great project found its completion on this day, after 27 years of work, in winning this coveted price.
Model pictures

Article series in Mechanikus
Under the title "600-HP-Hafenschlepper Fairplay V" 1962/1963 was a series of articles by Friedrich-Karl Ries in the "Mechanikus " (J.F.Schreiber-Verlag Esslingen) published in which the construction of this ship made of wood, paper and other materials is described in detail. As a supplement to this model sheet download, these 5 parts are also available here, together with a special print from "Mechanikus" from April 1961 "True-to-original cardboard models floating, powered and remote-controlled".

Download Mechanikus 1962/09 PDF 9 pages, 86 MB

Download Mechanikus 1962/10 PDF 6 pages, 64 MB

Download Mechanikus 1962/11 PDF 7 pages, 72 MB

Download Mechanikus 1962/12 PDF 6 pages, 76 MB

Download Mechanikus 1963/01 PDF 8 pages, 86 MB

Download Mechanikus 1961/04 PDF 8 pages, 22 MB
Pictures of the original sheets

Pictures of the supplementary sheets

Information and Download

1. About the Original sheets

Title: Hafenschlepper "Fairplay V 600 PS" (JFS 71251)
Publisher: J.F.Schreiber-Verlag, Esslingen 1965
Designer: Hubert Siegmund
Scale: 1:50
Printing: Offset print
Size: Booklet 50 x 35 cm, 12 pages instructions, 6 pages sheet (2 sheets framework, 4 sheets with parts)
Number of parts: approx. 360
Model length: approx. 50 cm

2. About the Supplementary sheets

Design and instructions: Jürgen Rathert, Rudolf Voigt
Model building and pictures: Rudolf Voigt
Publisher: Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V., 2020
Size: 18 model sheets and 13 pages of instructions (A4)
Number of parts: approx. 650

3. Additional information

Hints for downloading and printing

  • All sheet images have a size of 11759 x 8323 pixels. In the original size (50 x 35 cm) this corresponds to a resolution of approx. 600 dpi.
  • After scanning, all sheets have been enhanced in two small points: they were made a bit lighter to remove the traces of paper aging, and some color artefacts that resulted from the scanning were cleaned up.
  • Choose scaling option 'Fit', to fit the print out into the page.
  • Print sheets 1 - 2 on thick card board (or reinforce the prints)
  • Print sheets 3 - 6 on thinner cardboard of 160 - 220 g/cm2
  • The sheets of the additional parts are available in a resolution of 300 dpi as PDF files in A4 format (print at 100% scale so that they match the original sheets) or as a ZIP archive with the individual TIF files (for your own adjustments).
  • Please read the assembly instructions for the additional parts carefully.

1. Download original model sheets and instructions

Download instructions PDF, high resolution, 11.1 MB

Download instructions PDF, low resoultion, 3.2 MB

Download model sheets as PDF file

Download sheet 1 147 MB

Download sheet 2 141 MB

Download sheet 3 108 MB

Download sheet 4 106 MB

Download sheet 5 121 MB

Download sheet 6 75 MB

Download envelope 21 MB

Download model sheets as JPG file

Download sheet 1 46 MB

Download sheet 2 47 MB

Download sheet 3 14 MB

Download sheet 4 24 MB

Download sheet 5 27 MB

Download sheet 6 20 MB

Download envelope 7 MB

2. Download supplementary sheets and instructions

Download 18 supplementary sheets 23 MB (PDF)

Download 18 supplementary sheets 36 MB (18 x TIF, as ZIP archive)

Download instructions 3 MB (PDF)

picture of instructions page 14 2 MB (JPG)

picture of instructions page 15 2 MB (JPG)

Information about this card model (written by Axel Huppers)

This model of the harbour tug "Fairplay V" was published in 1965 by J. F. Schreiber (Germany). As of now, the exact circumstances of its development remain somewhat unclear and require further research. It seems that the initiative to create the model came from Hubert Siegmund, who also designed the model. It was the last of a series of four ship models from J. F. Schreiber that were quite large and were intended for the installation of a propulsion and remote control system.

The 1:50 scale of this model is very unusual for ships; it resulted in a very large model which, in turn, made it necessary to use an unusual cardboard sheet size of 50 x 35 cm. The model of the "FairPlay V" was never completely finalized by its designer, essential parts were missing. The parts list in the instruction manual recommendeds to acquire the missing parts from a model builders shop. It was a failed attempt to intrude into the market of wood or plastic ship models. There are no similar known attempts of such "hybrid" constructions. It seems that the print run was rather limited, because the model did not appear in many catalogues at the time. A friend of the author who acquired and built the model of "Chris Craft Futura" at that time reported several unsuccessful attempts to buy this model at his local shop.

In 2009, in a cooperation of the AGK, the Aue Verlag and the author a preprint of the model of "Chris Craft Futura" was published. Shortly afterwards we received first questions whether the "FairPlay V" could also be issued as a reprint. Indeed, initially we planned to do just that. However, drastic changes in the market made a reprint using conventional printing technique increasingly unlikely. The large size of the cardboard sheets and the cost for packing and shipping spoke against a reproduction in original size. In addition, the company that had produced the "Chris Craft Futura" sheets in 2009 vanished from the market, and meanwhile the Polish Publisher GPM had published a similarly styled tug model, also in 1:50 scale. On top of that a commercial reprint of "Fairplay V" would have needed to include all the missing parts. All this influenced the decision, in late summer 2017, against the reprint or re-issue of "FairPlay V". On the other hand, the author and the committee of the AGK did not want to let all the already finished preliminary work go to waste. Therefore they set their sights on making the model available as a free download. Mr. Thomas Gauger of the Aue-Verlag kindly gave his consent. We thank him for this generous permission!

Extensive background information, a detailed construction report and numerous illustrations can be found in the article by Axel Huppers in ZGK 20 (pages 49-58). The Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V. would like to thank Jürgen Rathert (Dortmund) and Rudolf Voigt (Bochum) for the construction of the supplementary parts and the permission to make them available to interested modelers.


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