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In die nächste Dimension – Downloads (models without photos)

Download models of Neuruppin publishers
der Neuruppiner Verlage

Original model sheets printed in Neuruppin are quite rare nowadays. To give all visitors of our website a chance to build a few models described in our book “In die nächste Dimension – Kartonmodelle aus Neuruppin” we offer some of these models for download. We do not give further detailed information about the models here because you can find that in the book itself.

The size of the original model sheets is, typically, 34 x 42 cm. Most DIN/ISO A3 printers can only print an area of about 29 x 41 cm, but it should be no problem to build the models in this slightly reduced scale. We recommend to print the model sheets on paper or cardboard of 160 to 220 g/cm2, depending on the size of the built model. We hope you will enjoy building these historical models!

Additional information
Model 900 (no title) Modern traffic
Oehmigke & Riemschneider, about 1925

Download (TIF, 21.3 MB)

Download (JPG, 8.7 MB)
Model 9152 Bahnhof (railway station)
Gustav Kühn, 1895

Download (TIF, 25.2 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.6 MB)
Model 9381 Palais (palace)
Gustav Kühn, 1895

Download (TIF, 25.1 MB)

Download (JPG, 7.0 MB)
Model 9559 Ritterburg (knight’s castle)
Gustav Kühn, after 1895

Download (TIF, 25.1 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.5 MB)
Model 355 (no title) Church
Oehmigke & Riemschneider, after 1920

Download (TIF, 12.5 MB)

Download (JPG, 3.4 MB)
Model 9961 Moschee (mosque)
Gustav Kühn, 1895

Download (TIF, 25.1 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.9 MB)
Model 9962 Die Nicolaikirche in Hamburg (church)
Gustav Kühn, before 1914

Download (TIF, 25.1 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.2 MB)
Model 10099 Spreewaldhaus (house from the Spreewald region)
Oehmigke & Riemschneider, after 1920

Download (TIF, 24.8 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.7 MB)
10165 Hamburger Hochhaus (skyscraper)
(similar to the Chilehaus building)
Gustav Kühn, about 1925

Download (TIF, 24.7 MB)

Download (JPG, 6.2 MB)


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