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This cardboard model of the harbour tug "Fairplay V" was published in 1965 by J. F. Schreiber (Germany). The exact circumstances of its development are currently still somewhat unclear and require further research. It seems that the initiative for the model depends on Hubert Siegmund, who also constructed the model. It was the last item of a series of four cardboard models of ships from J. F. Schreiber, which were quite large and were intended for the installation of a remote control system.

The scale of 1:50 was very unusual and this fact resulted in a very large model which had a necessary cardboard sheet size of 50 x 35 cm. This was particularly noticeable with the model of the "FairPlay V". The sheets were not completely finalised, essential parts were missing. It was pointed out in the construction manual to acquire the missing parts through acquisitions from a model builders shop. It was a failing attempt to penetrate into the market of ship models made of wood or plastic. Similar types of such models are not known up to now. It seems that the number of copies published was not very high, because the model construction sheets were not often mentioned in catalogues at that time. A friend of the author who acquired and built the model of ' Chris Craft Futura " in these days reported unsuccessful attempts to buy this cardboard model at several shops.

In a cooperation with the AGK, the Aue Verlag and the author a preprint of the model of "Chris Craft Futura" was published in 2009. Shortly afterwards arose the first requests, whether or not the "FairPlay V" could be issued as a reprint as well. Indeed this was planned at first time. By drastic changes in the market, the possibility of a conventional printing as a reprint was however increasingly unlikely.The unusual size of the cardboard sheets and the costs for post and package did not make sens for reproduction in actual size. In addition the company which produced the "Chris Craft Futura" sheets vanished from the market. Meanwhile the Polish Publisher GPM sold a similarly styled tug model also of scale 1:50. In addition a commercial product would have needed to include all the missing parts. Therefore it came to a decision against the reprint or reissue of "FairPlay V" in late summer 2017. The author and the executive board of the AGK wanted to use the already done preliminary work. Therefore they planned a publication as a free download. Mr Thomas Gauger kindly granted consent of the Aue-Verlag. A special thanks to him for it!

Currently photos of a built model are missing. Therefore the author would like to take the opportunity to ask for help in this regard. Who would like to build this model and construct even the missing parts can contact the AGK. A publication on the homepage of the AGK is a possible appreciation of the effort.

Information about this cardboard model

Hafenschlepper "Fairplay V 600 PS" (JFS 71251)
J.F.Schreiber-Verlag, Esslingen, 1965
Scale 1:50
Offset print
Cardboard wrapper 50 x 35 cm, 12 pages with instructions
6 pages cardboard sheets (2 x timbering, 4 x model sheet)
Length of the model: approx. 50 cm

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