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Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt (Small Medieval Town) - How To 3/3

The model "Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt" (small medieval town) built by our member Gerhard Sturm † – as part of a town set in a hilly landscape

The third photo series shows the town in a nearly complete state. The gardens were not completely modeled at that time, and there are no inhabitants yet – the small human figures, available from model shops, that greatly enhance any landscape diorama. I also detailed the supporting wall below the church later, after a friendly hint by Dieter Nievergelt. I think you will recognize the way the town is divided into 3 quarters (4, if you count the square): In "uptown" you can find the better, stone-built houses, alongside the representative buildings like the church, town hall, school and bank. On the middle level, just inside the bridge gatehouse, you see the main shopping street with some small and some very stately shops; this street ends in a square surrounded by the largest and most beautiful half-timbered buildings. Down by the river you can see the smaller, poorly-built houses, half-timbered, with sheds, barns and outbuildings that point to agricultural or artisanal use. 2 wells (one of them constructed by myself) and a few trees complete the scene.

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Additional information
  • Background information, bibliographical information, ordering options
  • Images of some model sheets and the built model (by Peter Wolfrum)
  • Images of the built model (by Guido Pascale) on base plate
  • Article by Dieter Nievergelt (extract, 1st page, PDF) about this model in "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 11, page 5
  • Download: Supplementary sheets and base plate
How to create a small medieval town
Buildingreport by Gerhard Sturm


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