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Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt (Small Medieval Town) - How To 1/3

The model "Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt" (small medieval town) built by our member Gerhard Sturm † – as part of a town set in a hilly landscape

After receiving a special print run version of the "small medieval town" in (approx.) 1:210 scale I built the diorama shown in about 200 hours of work, from November 2011 to April 2012. It is mounted on a wooden base of 52 cm x 49 cm size. The central idea was to create part of a small town that was as close as possible to its medieval original, using the model sheets provided. As you will know, the model sheets show, in an extension to its name "small medieval town", shops, cafés and banks in a style that correspond to the style of 1960/70; so it is not a medieval town in a literal sense but "just" a town whose buildings show a mixture of styles, from medieval (romanesque, gothic) to styles of an early modern age (renaissance and baroque). However, I wanted the town to have a distrinctly medieval layout with its typical street pattern, closely following the natural landscape, as it was typical for regions in southern Germany and thereby fitting the houses of the model set that also show a clearly "southern" style.
The first series of photos shows this planning stage: Starting from a bridge across a stream (many German towns indicate a similar foundation history in the -furt (ford) suffix of their name) the road continues, forking several times, creating open squares and places, developing into distinct "quarters" and finally being enclosed in a protective town wall with its towers and gates.

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Additional information
  • Background information, bibliographical information, ordering options
  • Images of some model sheets and the built model (by Peter Wolfrum)
  • Images of the built model (by Guido Pascale) on base plate
  • Article by Dieter Nievergelt (extract, 1st page, PDF) about this model in "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 11, page 5
  • Download: Supplementary sheets and base plate
How to create a small medieval town
Buildingreport by Gerhard Sturm


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