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Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt (Small Medieval Town) - How To 2/3

The model "Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt" (small medieval town) built by our member Gerhard Sturm † – as part of a town set in a hilly landscape

The second series of photos allows a glimpse into the actual building of the diorama. To provide a varied topographic base, as it is typical for the hilly landscapes of southern Germany, the town was planned in 3 levels: the flats near the river, a slightly higher shelf and an even higher (in every sense of the word) "upper town". I created the base mostly from cardboard, plus a piece of styrofoam I found that happened to fit my plans. I covered this structural base with paper balls and plaster bandages which I painted (for streets) or "planted" with greenery (for meadows and gardens).

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Additional information
How to create a small medieval town
Buildingreport by Gerhard Sturm


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