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Greenfield Card Models by Peter Wehrhahn


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Model series: Greenfield Models
Sheet 1: Blacksmith Shop
Sheet 2: Grain Elevator
Sheet 3: The Greenfield Gazette
Sheet 4: Greenfield Feed and Seeds
Sheet 5: Small Building
Designer: Peter Wehrhahn
Published: 2005
Scale: 1:87

Construction and photos: Peter Wehrhahn

Download Model Sheets

Sheet 1 PDF, 2 MB

Sheet 2, page 1 PDF, 2 MB
Sheet 2, page 2 PDF, 5 MB
Sheet 2, page 3 PDF, 3 MB

Sheet 3 PDF, 1 MB

Sheet 4 PDF, 1 MB

Sheet 5 PDF, 7 MB

Building Instructions and Notes

Instructions model 1 PDF, 1 MB

Notes for model 1:
The model consists of 3 pages. There are no gluing tabs; the intention is to allow reinforcements of any thickness without problems. You will find further notes and hints on the model sheets.

Instructions model 3 PDF, 0.1 MB

Instructions model 4 PDF, 0.1 MB

Notes for model 5:
The model is easy to assemble based on the photo provided. Therefore no instructions were considered necessary.

About this Model Series

This download page is a supplement to Axel Huppers’ article "Die Geschichte der virtuellen Kartonmodellzeitschrift 'The Transatlantic Paper Model Magazine'" (the history of the ‘Transatlantic Paper Model’ magazine), published in ZGK 21 (2021) (see here for an exemplary extract). This magazine saw 2 issues, both of them published by Ralf Schnurbusch in an English and a German version. You can download them in the members’ area of this website. You can find a catalogue of Ralf Schnurbusch’s former company "lighthousemodelart" in the AGK Catalogue Database; the catalogue ID is 389.

For the 2nd issue of the "The Transatlantic Paper Model Magazine" Peter Wehrhahn was asked to provide a simple model of an American "False-Front" building, and he complied (this is model No. 4: Greenfield Feed and Seeds). In the English edition the model was published with considerable distortions, in the German edition it was reduced in size for want of space. It was also offered for download – however, this download has not been available for quite some time. To give access to this model the AGK again provides a download version and adds other models of the same model series.

About 2005 Peter Wehrhahn published the “Greenfield” series of models that comprises of models based on building types typical for the rural “Western Towns” of the USA, in particular Kansas. The models are based on buildings of the period from 1850 to 1930. Many such buildings still exist, functional or in “ghost towns”.

The design focused on easy-to-build models with realistic coloring. Expert model builders have a lot of options to improve or “super” the models.

About 2004 Peter Wehrhahn, who was always interested in US railways, wanted to add some typical “Western” buildings. The wooden models he preferred were relatively expensive, and he also looked for a way to thank those who already had provided him with free card models. He created these models with a black drawing pen on translucent film and hand-colored them with Faber watercolor pencils. The he scanned them, added the text, and there you are …


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