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Here you see an overview about the download of card model sheets and sets in order to print them for yourself. The one-sheet models are rather simple and very much suited for beginners, for the multi-sheet models some card modeling experience and a bit of patience is of advantage. Clicking a preview image shows an enlarged view of the image. Please feel free to use the download links provided.
The Arbeitskreis Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus (AGK) e.V. hopes you will have fun building the models!
Using the "To the Downloads..." button you will see the special page for every topic. There you will find more information and can start the download.
We recommend to print the files on thin cardboard (160 - 200 g/m2), A3 or A4 size.

"Mittelalterliche Kleinstadt" [small medieval town] - two supplementary sheets

These are additional sheets to expand the model set "Mittelalterlichen Kleinstadt" (by Hubert Siegmund, published by the AGK 2011) with additional model sheets, which are not contain in the printed version:
No. 33: 2 wall sections with buttresses + No. 34: 2 stone houses
No. 35: Wall secton (with parapet) and wall corner with buttress + No. 36: Gate building and shed

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Marble run serpent: Harro Reimers

A simple black and white, 7-part model to create a marble run. This model is ideal for beginners. You can colorize the parts as you like (see the examples to the left); it is easiest if you do it before cutting the parts. This model was first published for the modell-hobby-spiel 2008 fair in Leipzig and given away for free to many young and old fans of marble runs. As it continues to be a sought-after model we decided to offer it here for download.

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In die nächste Dimension - Kartonmodelle aus Neuruppin

Im Katalogteil dieser Publikation werde über 50 Kartonmodelle aus Neuruppiner Produktion detailliert vorgestellt. Damit jeder am Kartonmodellbau interessierte Besucher unserer WWW-Seiten einige dieser Modelle selber bauen kann, bieten wir hier 20 dieser Modellbogen zum Download an, zur besseren Übersichtlichkeit auf 3 Seiten verteilt. Erläuterungen zu den Bogen siehe im Buch.

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Von der zweiten in die dritte Dimension - 500 Jahre Bauen mit Karton

Im Katalogteil dieses gewichtigen Werkes über die Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus werden zahlreiche Modellbogen näher vorgestellt, um die unterschiedlichen Facetten des Kartonmodellbaus zu illustrieren. Aus der reichen Auswahl attraktiver Modelle können auf der folgenden Seite 13 einbogige Modellbogen aus Architektur und Technik heruntergeladen werden.

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Hafenschlepper "Fairplay V 600 PS" [harbour tug] (JFS 71251)

This model of the harbour tug "Fairplay V" was published in 1965 by J. F. Schreiber (Germany). It was the last of a series of four ship models from J. F. Schreiber that were quite large and were intended for the installation of a propulsion and remote control system. From this series the AGK has published already the reprint of Chris Craft Futura. The download is permitted by Aue Verlag.

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Der Kreuzer "Emden" [cruiser] (JFS 346 - 351)

For further information see Karl-Harro Reimers' article "Verzeichnis der technischen Modellbaubogen von J. F. Schreiber" (list of technical models published by J. F. Schreiber). The article appeared in "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 2, 2002, page 64 (1st page of the article). The "Emden" built in 1908 was the 2nd ship of the Dresden class from the Imperial German Navy and active in the far east.

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Deutsches Unterseeboot "U9" [submarine] (JFS 355 - 356)

For further information see Axel Huppers' article about model sheet No. 1784, "Unterseeboot" (submarine) of the publisher C. Burckardt‘s Nachfolger R. Ackermann Weißenburg i. Elsass, D-Weißenburg. The article appeared in "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 16, 2016, page 59 (1st page of the article as an example); a replica of that sheet comes with the magazine. This download of "U9" serves as a supplement ans a reference to the sg´heet described in the article.

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Doppelschrauben-Schnelldampfer "Kronprinzessin Cecilie" [twin-screw propeller steam ship] (JFS 552 - 561)

For further information see the article about this model by Francesc d’Assis López Sala. The article appeared in: "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 10, 2010, page 25 (1st page of the articles as an example). The "Kronprinzessin Cecilie" was the 4th ship of the "Kaiserklasse" of the Norddeutscher Lloyd [North German Loyd] and from 1907 active between Germany and New York.

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Armeehelme für Kinder vom Jos. Scholz Verlag in Mainz

Zwei Bogen aus dem Jos. Scholz Verlag in Mainz vom Ende der 19. Jhds. mit Preußischer Pickelhaube bzw. Ulanen-Tschapka sowie die passenden Bruststücke können mit diesem Download gebaut werden. Für weitere Informationen siehe den Artikel "Der Krieg begann im Kinderzimmer..." von Tobias Damberger in: "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", Heft 18, 2018, Seite 25 (1. Seite des Artikels als Leseprobe).

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In the 2nd half of the 19th century lampshades were pretty common to reduce the brilliance of the new improved oil lamps. These shades often looked quite pretty, in particular when lit; some of them were real "magic lamps" that changed their colors and even images when backlit. Following an exhibition of historical lampshades on the modell-hobby-spiel fair in Leipzig and in the Schreiber museum in Esslingen we now offer 5 of them for download. For further information see the article about Lampshades by Dieter Nievergelt in the book "Von der zweiten in die dritte Dimension – 500 Jahre Bauen mit Karton“, Möckmühl 2015.

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Borgward "Isabella" Hansa 1500

For further information see the article by Axel Huppers about the Borgward GmbH in: "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 16, 2016, page 21 (1st page of the article as an example). This download is permitted by the Möwe-Verlag. The Borgward "Isabella" was built in the Borgward GmbH in Bremen in the late fiftys.

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Das Völkerschlachtdenkmal zu Leipzig [Monument to the Battle of the Nations]

The AGK published this model on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the "Völkerschlacht" (battle of nations) and the 100th anniversary of the monument itself in 2013. We thank the Stadtarchiv (town archive) Holzminden for scanning the original model sheets for us (Inventory No. 1997/99). Please note that the model was published before the monument was completed, it shows the "as designed" status of November 1912.

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Sportwagen Ford "Thunderbird"

For further information see Axel Huppers' article "Sportwagen Ford Thunderbird". This article appeared in: "Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus", vol. 8, 2008, page 61 (1st page of the article as an example); a replica of that sheet comes with the magazine, reduced to 1:37 scale).

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Model sheets of the Imagerie d'Epinal Pellerin (France)

The model sheets on this page have been published by the Imagerie d'Epinal Pellerin (France) in 1902, they have been out of print for a long time now. The book "Architektur aus Papier" (Dieter Nievergelt; Lausanne 2000) tells you more about this publisher and their card model portfolio. Sheets no. 1366 and 1367 complement the illustrations in the article by Francesc d'Assís López Sala and Luis Pedro Martín Sanz "Die Weltausstellungen und ihre Spuren im Kartonmodellbau" (published in: Zur Geschichte des Kartonmodellbaus, vol. 8, Hamburg 2008, see the example page).

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